Prize winners receive their own mat and over $3000 in cash and prizes.
Kids winner receives their own mat plus $1000 of kids yoga mats with the winners design will be donated to the youth yoga program of their choice.

Eyra Cardozo
First Place Winner

Originally from Venezuela and living two years ago on the outskirts of Madrid-Spain, at the foot of the Sierra de Hoyos de Manzanares in this beautiful capital city. Surrounded by poppies and rosemary in bloom in the middle of spring, they create the perfect setting to establish a symbiosis with nature and my inner self.

This last very turbulent year, it has been a privilege to be able to establish this connection with nature, explore new design projects, apply new techniques, study markets and exploit my career as Project Manager and Creative Marketing and Advertising in this exciting world. Creating my brand COLOR MORENO that seeks to innovate by presenting unique and original designs in environmentally friendly pieces.

Artist Designed Natural Cork Yoga Mat

Morgan Winegord
Second Place Winner

Morgan resides just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. She’s a graphic designer, a curious thinker and a true people person at heart. Her multi-passionate spirit is focused primarily on nurturing brands and developing visual solutions for small businesses. She’s a jack of all trades, a queen at going with the flow and a joker by nature. The fast-paced life of design led her to yoga as she searched for a release from the day-to-day. It quickly became a time where she could ease her busy mind and escape into a wonderland of inner peace. Her design inspiration comes from the feeling she often experiences when leaving her yoga class – a weightless sensation where her mind feels as light, loving and beautiful as an open field of flowers.

Flower Design Natural Cork Yoga Mat

Sabrina Tiscione
Third Place Winner

Sabrina is an artist and children’s book author/illustrator from Montreal, Canada.
She loves spending time out in nature, dancing like nobody’s watching and practicing yoga. Over the past few years, yoga has become more than just a practice for her but a way of life. Her ultimate goal is to create art that is just as healing as the process of creating it, which inspired her to paint with crystal sands to create digital illustrations on the theme of wellness.

Half Lotus Artist Design Natural Cork Yoga Mat

Zoe Leviness
Kids Winner

My name is Zoe, born in a small town named Litchfield. I love Soccer, basketball and creating art. Painting is my favorite kind of art, moons and sunsets are something I enjoy painting. In the future I would like to be an investigative journalist, find and uncover important stories that have an impact on the world. My mom is an amazing artist and encouraged me to submit a design. She also loves yoga and does it as much as she can. The inspiration for my honey bee design came from my home, where there are bees that are always flying around near the porch. They inspired me to do a design reprinting them and all their beauty.

Energía Positiva by Eyra Cardozo

Flourish by Morgan Winegord

Half Lotus by Sabrina Tiscione