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Hillary Sabbato

Teaches: Power, Align & Flow, Yin

Hillary is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Energy Worker, and ERYT 200. These diverse modalities support her passion for guiding others to unlock their innate ability to heal.A dancer since age 4, Hillary has always felt at home with different forms of movement. Sharing and practicing yoga has become an outlet for her creativity and a channel for providing healing to her community. She learns something new from every class she teaches and truly loves being a witness to the power of the practice in all of its forms.

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Nicole Lennox

Teaches: Power, Align & Flow

With a 200 hour certification in Vinyasa Yoga and a background studying Eastern Philosophy and Transpersonal Psychology, I aim for my teachings to create a sense of inner connection and mindfulness that can be taken off of the mat into our everyday lives. Influenced by my travels, teachers and experiences, I create powerful flows that incorporate creative sequencing, designed to bring us out of our heads and back into our bodies.

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Katie Beaver

Teaches: Power

At the College of Charleston, while studying for her degree in Sociology, yoga remained present in her life mostly on a physical basis. But after graduating, as she started exploring life as an “adult”, she felt her yoga practice transform into something more than just a movement routine. Yoga became a way for her to find deep connection and a sense of calm within. While practicing around town at many studios she soon realized she wanted to dive deeper into her yogi path becomeing a teacher in 2017.

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Katie Edwards

Teaches: Align and Flow

Katie found massage therapy and bodywork when she suffered a knee injury that kept her from her yoga practice and doing other activities she loved. Bodywork, massage therapy and yoga helped her through the recovery process and she went on to go to the Pacific Center of Awareness and Bodywork on the island of Kauai in 2019. She believes that through movement and touch therapy we can all better understand the body – mind relationship and learn how to interpret the signals our body is giving us.

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Casey Higgins

Teaches: Align & Flow, Yin

After years of living a fast-paced life in New Jersey, Casey fell in love with the introspection, compassion, clarity, and calm that a yogic lifestyle provides. In her classes, you can expect mindful instruction that includes alignment cues, meditation, breathwork, intelligent sequencing, and a curated experience. She a 200+ hr certified yoga instructor and in Thai yoga techniques by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

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Emery Floyd

Teaches: Power

For Emery, yoga has been one of those things that always stuck with her, something she craved during the tough seasons of her life.  Emery continued her yoga journey through the years and hastruly expanded it in here in Charleston, SC where she received her RYT-200. Her style of yoga varies – on the outside she craves the hard, upbeat, powerful practice but deep down she craves that slow, sticky, connected practice. 

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Katie Fey

Teaches: Power

Katie landed her first job after college in Charlotte, NC where she stumbled upon Yoga One and her love for yoga and movement began. Eventually making her way to Charleston in 2015, Katie jumped right into practicing at Charleston Power Yoga and completed her 200 hr RYT training. In her classes you can expect to move your body to an intentional, challenging flow to a killer playlist…you probably won’t leave without a laugh. To her, moving your body is supposed to feel good and most importantly, be fun.

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Christine Lentz

Teaches: Slow Burn, Vin to Yin

Christine has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2015. She received her 200hr training at Gaea Yoga Center and her 300hr training from Asheville Yoga Center, and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She owns Elevate Yoga & Fitness, where she offers private personal training and yoga sessions in Charleston and virtually.  
Christine is particularly interested in how movement can bring us more joy, confidence and better mental health. And moving with a community - well, there is nothing better. As a new mother, Christine is reminded that yoga can be simple to be powerful. The key is to just keep coming back - to the mat, to your body, to the breath, to yourself. 

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Lauren Bristow

Teaches: Power, Align & Flow

Lauren completed her RYT-200hrs at Urban Yoga in Charleston in 2019 as well as Inferno Hot Pilates Level 1 training at YO-BK in Williamsburg. She believes that yoga not only helps your body become more flexible, but your mind as well and that everything you learn on your mat you can take off it into your daily life. Her classes are intentional and alignment- based and encourage you to be in your body and out of your head. Three ways to describe my class: Aligned, playful, energizing.

Denise Samsin

Teaches: Restore & Stabilize

Denise has always been passionate about caring for the body, whether it would be eating well or strength training, and now in my wiser years it's all about longevity and resilience and tuning into our body's natural ability to heal. Her teaching is a mix of core strength and restore, and will help you tap in to the inherent wisdom of the body and support stress regulators. You will progress, alongside your body path and process in every class and personalized coaching session with body savvy coaching that employs concepts of sharpening your body's ability of manage stress.

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Alex Hubbel

Teaches: Align & Flow

Alex moved to Charleston in 2019, which led her to deepen her yoga practice and eventually earn her RYT 200 from The Works. She is a true believer that yoga is for every body and everybody, and she wants to help others find their authentic selves through their practice. She loves teaching a variety of classes, from a vigorous Hot Power that encourages getting out of the mind and into the body, to a grounding Align & Flow that focuses on slowing down, finding the breath, and building a strong foundation.

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Julie Luisi

Teaches: Power

A movement practice has been a constant in Julie's life from a young age. As a young runner, she first discovered that meditation in movement could provide a deep feeling of peace and acceptance. Eventually, running led her to yoga as a way to support recovery and balance out her own competitive nature. Admittedly, it didn't immediately stick. It wasn't until she was introduced to power yoga, when she truly fell in love with the practice. After completing the Art of Assisting training program in 2016 through Baptiste Yoga as a way to deepen her practice and help others do the same, Julie decided to embark on her RYT 200 certification in early 2018 and has been teaching ever since.

Danielle Giovannone

Teaches: Align & Flow, Slow Burn

Danielle is a 200-RYT, who has also trained in Yin Yoga and completed her Advanced Level 4 in Jeet Kune Do. With a strong background in dance, sports and martial arts, she is dedicated to movement of the body. Danielle focuses on building strength and sustainability in the body by integrating optimal alignment, breath, and muscle engagement. Danielle is forever a student, continuing to pursue anatomy focused trainings to continue to build her own yoga practice, as well as, sharing the knowledge with her students. In her classes expect mindful movement with grace, intuition and power that will challenge your mind and body. Danielle also loves to explore fun transitions, and definitely an arm balance or two.

Mimi Rose

Teaches: Align & Flow

I came to the yoga mat as a martial artist in the late 1990’s. I was seeking an ancient art that taught discipline and strength; a path that had a code of ethics and conduct but was imbued with a deep spirituality. Yoga appeared. It has fed me, sustained me, strengthened me, enveloped me, weakened me, taught me, exalted me and healed me.

Practice requires strength, discipline, commitment, self-acceptance and a willingness to let go and be present. I have been teaching since 2006.

As a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapeutic practitioner, I have been a witness to profound possibilities that lie within human beings to heal. I feel an immense amount of gratitude for the gift of this work. 

The clear light of yoga shines through all the teachings I have received from many extraordinary teachers. My desire is to be of service to others as a reflection of the teachers from whom I have learned.

David Hood

Teaches: Align & Flow

I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Holy Cow Yoga Center in 2022. I am a South Carolina naturalist and a river rat through and through. My yoga practice helps me develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world I work to better understand and protect.

Kenzie Cable

Teaches: Slow Burn, Align & Flow, Yin

Kenzie completed her 200hr Teacher Training with Asheville Yoga Center in 2023 after falling in love with the benefits of yin yoga. Her background in education and group fitness contribute to the teaching practices and body awareness she brings to her classes to help meet students where they are at no matter what level of experience they have. Kenzie has a passion for self-exploration, healing, and helping others. Her goal is to make yoga accessible to all as a way to calm the mind, soothe the nervous system, heal the soul, and find strength in balance.