community collective

Inspiring movement, sustainability and community connection.

Our mission

Our community collective is designed to support, inspire and connect yogis who embody movement, sustainability and community connection. We love to hear about what our ambassadors are doing in their communities and how their yoga practice is evolving!

Our ambassadors help us keep a pulse on yoga communities worldwide, we are constantly evolving at Yoloha and our community collective is a big part of this evolution…we are always exploring the newest innovation that will better serve yogis and the environment that supports us.

Community Collective Exclusive perks

Free Products

Receive free Yoloha gear in exchange for completing missions.

Gift Cards

Complete fun and exciting social missions to earn gift cards and store credit.

Earn Commissions

Share your unique discount code with fans and friends to earn cash rewards.

Exclusive Sales

Collective members receive access to ambassador only discounts.