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We offer a wide arrange of class styles for every body.

Hot Power

A fun, mixed-level, heated power vinyasa flow where you will be given the opportunity to physically push yourself if you're up for it! Plenty of modifications will be offered, this is a great class for anyone who's up for a challenge. Hot power heated to 85-90 degrees with our state of the art infrared heaters.

Align and Flow

Breath, foundation, alignment: this is an all levels vinyasa flow done in a slower more foundational way with plenty of opportunities for modifications to make this class accessible for everyone!

Vin to Yin

This practice is the best of both worlds. You will begin the class with a flowing Vinyasa sequence; then settle into a more restorative, Yin style practice. Expect to move your body, connect to your breath and then slow down to ease the tension. Leave feeling calm and energized for the rest of your day.


A meditative style of yoga composed of long holds. The asanas are held anywhere from 2-10 minutes, and are designed to go beyond the muscles and superficial tissues, stimulating connective tissue and fascia in the body. This opening, slow-paced style of yoga is powerful for increasing flexibility, patience, self-acceptance, and creating balance in our busy culture. All levels welcome.

Slow Burn

A powerful class that takes out the momentum to create a challenging practice for body and mind. Expect to move at a slow, progressive pace accompanied by steady, rhythmic music. You will challenge your body with longer holds to build internal heat, but also enjoy the space to feel into the shapes, breath deeply and focus the mind. This class is heated to warm, 80 degrees.

Quick Burn

An energizing HIIT class incorporating yoga-based, body weight exercises. You can expect a blend of yoga, cardio, sculpt and breathwork to help strengthen both the body and the mind. Heated to warm, 80 degrees.


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