Nomad Cork Yoga Mat + Plant Foam - Yoloha Yoga
Nomad Cork Yoga Mat + Plant Foam - Yoloha Yoga
Nomad Cork Yoga Mat + Plant Foam - Yoloha Yoga

Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

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SIZE | 72" x 26"

Meet our extra light and ultra versatile yoga mat made with renewable materials. A premium layer of eco-friendly cork provides a non-slip and antimicrobial surface that is easy to care for and maintain. A luxuriously dense plant foam base, free of PVC’s and latex gives added comfort and support. If your practice takes you to the local studio, beach, a mindful hike or on your next big adventure the Nomad will be there for you.

4mm thick | 2.5 lbs. | 4" rolled

Non-slip dry to medium perspiration.

Contains 33% bio-based renewable materials certified by the USDA.

Lightweight and portable yet grounding.

Versatile. Great indoors or outside.

Always lays flat, will never slide or bunch up.

Easy to care for and keep clean.

No PVC’s, latex, plasticizers or rubber smells.

100% vegan product.

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Lightly spray with Yoloha mat cleaner or natural cleaner after use and lay flat to dry.
Grip Tip: Cork increases grip when wet. Use our grip spray or sprinkle water on your mat where your hands and feet go before practice for extra traction.

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Nomad Design Highlights

Natural Grip

Premium cork surface keeps you grounded and stable in any practice.

Body Kind

Made from natural materals that are easy to care for and keep clean.

Travel Ready

The nomad is made extra light and compact for yogis on the go.


Lightweight and Versatile

Take your practice anywhere

The Nomad features a premium cork surface made extra thin, allowing for greater portability and versatility. Super easy to maintain and keep clean.

performance done naturally

Features a smoother take on our traditional cork surface yet with no sacrifice on grip which increases with moisture. Feel grounded and confident in any yoga practice.

Learn About

Plant Foam

Foam made from plants

Developed out of our effort to reduce the environmental impact on our planet, the foam on the Nomad is made from sugarcane. Combined with our sustainable cork surface we have achieved a yoga mat made with 33% USDA certified bio-based renewable materials.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 262 reviews
Rachael Hill
Amazing !!

Never had a better mat than this!! Love it

We're so happy to hear that it has exceeded your expectations!

Daniel Regan
earth rest gratitude

gratitude saturday... thank you for this beautiful mat. this earth rest pattern is not only sacred, but it has become sacred to me and my practice. in those moments of weakness and self doubt, I cast my drishti on those sacred patters and I find the inner strength I need, as I can recall the moments of strength that are still there, in the mat. I have so many beautiful memories on these earth rest mats, and I am very thankfull that you continue to produce them. namaste.

This is beautiful. Thank you, Daniel!

Leigh S
The nomad cork yoga mat

This is a wonderful mat! It is light weight .. comfortable .. and durable! Thank you Yoloha for making such lovely products!! <3

Thanks so much, Leigh!


Has a smell

Nick Carlin

I LOVE this mat. It actually enhances my Yoga mentality mid-flow. The design itself functions as a present-moment-awareness reminder. If I find my mind wandering during my practice, looking down at the mat brings me right back. Great, comfortable material on the body. Rolls up nicely. Seems easy to clean. Haven't noticed any slippage so far (I am only about 2 weeks in).

We love to hear that the Mind of the Universe design has helped with your focus so much :)

Elyse Warren
Love it

Even nicer than I had imagined it would be. Very high quality, good grip and very pretty mat!

We appreciate you, Elyse!

Suzanne Choate
Beautiful mat

I love this mat that is beautiful, lightweight and just the right grip.

We agree, you can't beat the combination of lightweight and grippy :)


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