Ambassador qualifications

Who is the Yoloha Ambassador?

-200 hour RYT and actively teaching in the yoga community.
-Licensed and certified fitness instructors/personal trainers
-Yogis who are actively engaged and growing their yoga/wellness communities, either in the studio or online.

-Yogis who care about how and where their yoga products are created and using their voice for positive environmental awareness and change!! 

What does a Yoloha Ambassador Do?

Yoloha ambassadors share their love for Yoloha products with their students and studios…our Ambassadors are excited to talk about the importance of choosing products that are good for the environment and creating positive change in our communities. We love talking to our Ambassadors about product development and including their voice in our online content through social media, photoshoots, our blog and in person!

What is the energy exchange for being a Yoloha Ambassador?

Ambassadors receive monthly newsletters about updates and opportunities from within the Yoloha family, generous discounts on Yoloha products and opportunities to be focused on our blog and social media sites. Also, if ambassadors find themselves in Charleston, SC they can practice at our yoga studio, Yoga Factory by Yoloha for free!

If you fit the the qualifications above, please apply to be an ambassador below. Once your application is received, we will be in touch within 15 business days.

Not a registered teacher? We have a program for you. Visit our Affiliate Page to earn commissions for sharing the products you love.

Please note that Yoloha may contact the studios listed to verify information and employment status.

Questions? Email: [email protected]

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