Green is the New Black: Why We're Celebrating Green Friday

Green is the New Black: Why We're Celebrating Green Friday

About Black Friday 

As you probably know by now, Black Friday occurs every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was started by retailers who wanted to attract hordes of shoppers to their stores by providing heavy discounts on their products. As discounts got higher and stores opened earlier, shoppers got more and more careless with their spending. Ethical sourcing and positive impacts were shoved to the side in the interest of getting the best deal possible. Consequently, Black Friday has developed a reputation for irresponsible shopping and mindless consumption - which has severe setbacks on our planet. 

Making Friday Green Again

For many businesses, especially smaller ones, Black Friday is a valuable day to help them “get in the black”, or turn a profit for the rest of the year. However, this can be done in a more responsible manner. In recent years, Green Friday has emerged as an alternative to Black Friday - a way to promote more responsible shopping and conscious consumerism during the holidays. We would like to stand by our fellow sustainable business in supporting this movement. 

Happy Wallet, Happy Planet

Yoloha is committed to providing you with a shopping experience that is better for both your wallet and the planet. Starting on 11/14 enjoy up to 40% off our cork yoga mats and other gear made from 70+% renewable materials. Shop Now

Additionally, we will be offering 100% free carbon neutral shipping on all orders shipped throughout the sale. When you order you will have the option to offset the specific carbon footprint with a positive environmental impact at no additional cost. 

Learn more about our Sustainable Business Practices

Giving Tuesday

Every year, Yoloha is proud to partner with a new organization on Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year on 11/29, the last day of our sale, we will be donating 100% of our profits to Ocean Voyages Institute. OVI  is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by a group of international sailors, educators, and conservationists with a mission of preserving the world’s oceans. Together, they have pulled one million pounds of plastic from the ocean

Here at Yoloha we are big believers in reducing our plastic waste and consumption. Therefore, we were happy to find a reputable organization like this one to help combat the issue of plastic in our oceans.


How will you make Friday green this year? Leave us a comment and share this with your friends. 

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