Ancestars: Honoring Black History

Ancestars: Honoring Black History

In honor of Black History Month, we have partnered with artist Noraa James to re-release the limited edition Ancestars mat design. Available on our Original and Aura mat, 10% of Ancestars purchases will be given to the Black Artists + Designers Guild to support their mission of building a more equitable and inclusive creative culture. 


About the Artist

Proudly hailing from the artistic hub of the 757 area of Virginia, Noraa James' creations, including his photography, painting, and digital art, reflect the many roots intertwining to make his artistic expression as intentional and thought-provoking as it is.
Blackness comes in many forms, which is something to be celebrated and revered. It's surreal. It's weird. It's expansive. It's a physical manifestation of our ancestors, which James vividly conveys in his work.
For James, his art offers his audience a view into the future, to see what Blackness looks like when centered around beauty, the will to survive, diversity, and everything that contributes to the complex but rich culture. Afrofuturism isn't just a focal point of James' art; he lives it daily by hoping and dreaming for a better future.



About the Design

Ancestars is an imagining of Noraa's ancestors as connected constellations among the cosmos, full of peace, compassion and guardianship. Noraa is deeply inspired by ritual masks of various African societies and that is the primary component in how he formed the faces of these beings. In this way, he attempts to connect representational ancient beings with a space beyond size and time.



About the Mission

Black Artists and Designers Guild (BADG) is building a more equitable and inclusive creative culture by advancing a community of independent Black makers in creative industries. They are committed to honoring their ancestral legacies in art and design, taking ownership of their narrative, and creating spaces to celebrate Black creativity and culture.

As a mission-driven organization, they create opportunities for their members to thrive and reach out to industry allies to support the great work of visionary Black artists and designers.


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Ancestars Collection

Ancestars Aura Cork Yoga Mat - Yoloha Yoga
Ancestars Original Cork Yoga Mat - Yoloha Yoga