Unity XL Cork Yoga Mat - Yoloha Yoga
Unity XL Cork Yoga Mat - Yoloha Yoga
Unity XL Cork Yoga Mat - Yoloha Yoga

Unity XL Cork Yoga Mat

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SIZE | 84" x 48"

At 84" x 48" the Unity XL is the ultimate home studio mat. An extra thick cork and rubber blended surface creates a more grounded and supportive feel, serious grip performance dry or wet, optimum durability and low environmental impact. Whether you are doing a high intensity workout or a gentle flow, we haven't found a type of practice this mat isn't good for. Hand crafted responsibly with 100% USA made materials and manufacturing.


6.5mm thick | 13.5 lbs. | 6" rolled

Non-slip dry to heavy perspiration. No towel needed.

Build extra rugged. Designed to handle weights.

Always lays flat, will never slide or bunch up.

Easy to care for and keep clean.

No PVC’s, latex and plasticizers.

100% vegan product.

USA made materials and manufacturing.

Free shipping on USA orders over $175.

Return shipping is FREE within 30 days for all USA states excluding Alaska, Hawaii and USA territories.

Lightly spray with Yoloha mat cleaner or natural cleaner after use and lay flat to dry.
Grip Tip: Cork increases grip when wet. Use our grip spray or sprinkle water on your mat where your hands and feet go before practice for extra traction.

Each Mat Is Unique. Unity's cork/rubber surface uses recycled materials blended by hand; therefore natural variations may occur.

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Unity XL Design Highlights

Unmatched Grip

Never slip again, wet or dry. No towel needed even during the sweatiest practices.

Grounded and Roomy

Optimum blend of support and stability on a mat with double the width for extra room to flow.

Premium Quality

100% USA made materials and manufacturing for a long lasting yoga mat.

the unity

USA made for the highest performance and durablity in any practice.

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Performance Done Naturally

Extra thick recycled cork and rubber surface is designed to perform and last in any condition. Feel grounded and confident in any workout.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

Well-built mat for tall people. Just wish there was a bag for it.

Mike M
Excellent grip in pools of sweat in the most demanding vinyasa class

I got the Unity XL Mat because I wanted a mat that would not have reduced traction under the most drenched in sweat hot yoga classes. I used it for about a year straight for every class - vinyasa mostly, but lots of other kinds of classes as well - doing about 8 classes a week. I got tempted to try other mats and did for about a year or so: When those mats got completely warn out after about a year I went back to my Unity mat. After about over about 3 years - 1.5 years of of that really heavy use of the Unity mat - about 500 super hot yoga classes so far - cleaning it infrequently - and when I do clean it I've used everything from mineral spirits to fabuloso to just soap and water - it's seen every kind of abuse and use imaginable and it's still just as awesome and grippy in the most demanding/wet conditions. My only issue with the XL mat is that the size becomes an issue in really packed classes as people next to me have less room. It still looks great and works great. After trying a number of other mats that claimed to grip really well in wet conditions - I can only recommend the Unity mat as the only mat that has really delivered on delivering great grip in pools of water on my mat. That said, the grip is a little different in really wet conditions than other mats: On the Unity mat, if you want to, you can slide through the water on your mat and it makes a squeaking sound when you do, but the grip is always available if you contact the mat with a little more surface area: The other mats that I've used just turned into a slip and slide when really wet - the Unity mat is solid in it's traction, but not too much that you can't slide over it. That makes the Unity mat a little different, but I've always liked that the traction is always more than enough without getting too sticky/grabbing. It's the best mat I have used - and I have used mine a lot.

Wow Mike, we really love hearing how much you've used, abused, and loved your Unity mat through it all! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Great for workout room

We love the versatility of this mat. It’s can be used for everyday workouts and for yoga. No slipping and it’s durable to roll workout benches onto it and for other workout equipment.

The perfect accessory for your home gym! So glad you are loving it :)

Steven Scheid
Loving my XL

This Cork and Rubber Highbred Matt is really perfect for home use at 48" wide . The combination of materials creates a nice feel to touch and Very non slip as well. I will be replacing my Class matt with this material. Good job Yoloha

Marcus van der Zon
Great! No regrets.

The only difficulty was trying to find this ( more ) natural yoga mat online.
It almost seemed as if the search engines were trying to keep me away from
this most excellent mat. Also, the large size makes floor workouts, stretching,
and yoga so much easier and ergonomic.

Thank you Yoloha.

Carole Biron
really good products and very good service

I like the product. It is very solid and has a nice size to evolve with a lot of space. Cork is more eco-friendly than other yoga products, but rubber smells. The service is very quick and friendly. Thank you so much!

Francie H
Love, Love, Love

The size of this mat is perfect!!! I'm 5'10" and have always struggled with "normal-sized" mats. Able to complete poses without having to reposition due to lack of space.

So glad to hear the XL gives you the perfect amount of room to flow :)

Colleen Wright
THE best for active tiny humans

I bought three. And am thinking of three more. We just built a new house and have a nine month old. I was indecisive about what area rug to buy for the hard floor in our great room and these are perfect. May just keep them forever instead of a rug bc they actually are quite chic. The texture looks great and adds a warm, natural, and sustainable vibe to the space while allowing my son maximum grip while playing and learning to crawl, and walk and tumble. Perfect addition to any living space for active tiny humans!

We love hearing of unique uses for our mats! Thanks for sharing your experience, Colleen :)