Spirit Rising: Behind the Scenes with Annie Riker

Spirit Rising: Behind the Scenes with Annie Riker

About the Artist

Annie Riker is an established artist and designer based in Asheville, North Carolina. She is known for her cheerful color palettes, joyful hand lettering, and playful patterns. Designing for product surfaces is her passion, and she loves to spread positivity with the artwork she creates!

Annie previously created Mountain Magic, which quickly became one of our most popular designs. Recently, she has created this gorgeous new Spirit Rising design, now available on all 5 mat styles plus our cork blocks and journals.

Inspirations for Spirit Rising

“Just like practicing yoga, creating art is a meditative, joyful, and soul-aligning practice for me. I want someone to look at my artwork and feel the joy that I feel when creating it.”

“My new Spirit Rising design is inspired by the ancient Appalachian mountains that surround my hometown of Asheville, NC. There’s a special energy that many people feel here. It’s healing, it’s uplifting, and it’s inspiring. I wanted to capture that energy and translate it into a piece of art.”

The Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian Mountains extend for nearly 2000 miles along the eastern side of North America. They are among the oldest mountains on Earth, which originally formed with rocky edges and higher elevations similar to the western Rocky Mountains. Natural erosion over time has transformed the rough peaks into softer, curved mountain tops that we see today.

Creating the Design

“I used bold colors and painterly lines to express the feeling that living in Asheville gives me. The city of Asheville is an oasis of color and is full of artists and makers. The vibrancy of this place literally lifts my spirit. I hope this design inspires your spirit to rise as well!” 

Find Annie on Instagram @annieriker or through her website annieriker.com 


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