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This Giving Tuesday, we are proud to partner with AMOR Healing Kitchen, a local non profit that provides nutritious, plant-based meals to people facing health concerns. On Tuesday Nov 30th , 100% of Yoloha’s  profits will be donated to AMOR. 

We sat down with founder Maria Kelly to chat about AMOR’s mission, beliefs and more. Here’s what she had to say: 

What brought you to AMOR? 

I planted the seed of AMOR Healing Kitchen after a 14 year career in teaching high school in Charleston County. My love for plant-based food, local farms, working with teenagers, and supporting people in a time of need is the foundation of AMOR.  I had been with my mom during her journey of a Colon cancer diagnosis and she was the one that instilled in me a love of cooking and healthy food.  Growing up, no matter how busy everyone was, we always sat down together at the dinner table. I learned at an early age that food connects us and heals us. I would often cook for  my mom and take her food when she wasn't feeling well and I felt that  was a little bit of comfort and strength that I could offer her during that time. Being a teacher for 14 years showed me that the youth have so  much to offer in shaping the future of our community if you offer them the tools to guide them.  When I learned of an organization in California that works with teens and serves people with health challenges,  I just had this deep feeling of connection and that something similar could work in Charleston. We have an abundance of local, organic farms and I believe getting back to the earth for our food will cure us of many of our chronic diseases. AMOR is bringing that to the table, made with love.

What is AMOR Kitchen?

AMOR Healing Kitchen is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Charleston, SC.  Our Vision is to heal our world and inspire others through the power of food and love.  

What does AMOR do?

Every week our Teen Chefs and Kitchen Mentors prepare delicious, nutritious meals for people undergoing or recovering from cancer treatments.  On Fridays, our Delivery Angels deliver the meals to our clients.  

We empower teens by educating them about the connection between our food and our health.  We give them the tools necessary to carry this knowledge into the kitchen to create healthy, nourishing meals. 

What food does AMOR use? 

We use in-season ingredients sourced from local farms in the Charleston area and surrounding South Carolina farms.  We use organic ingredients as much as possible. Our meals are 100% plant based, meaning no animal ingredients are used in any of our products. The ONLY exception is occasionally we use local honey in our recipes.

Who is eligible for the program? 

Eligibility for our program includes all 3 of the following:

  1. Currently under a doctor's care 
  2. Going through active cancer treatment or within 6 months of recovery from treatments
  3. Living in one of our delivery areas

Where do you deliver? 

We deliver once a week (Fridays) to the following areas: 

John's Island, Wadmalaw Island, Kiawah Island, James Island, Downtown Charleston, West Ashley, Mt. Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Sullivan's Island, and some areas of North Charleston.

What is included in delivery? 

Each delivery includes per person (programs are for patient only or patient and caregiver)

  • 3 Entrees
  • 1 Soup or 1 Salad (these rotate every week)
  • 1 Healthy snack
  • 1 Healthy dessert

Go to to learn more.

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