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Try Before You Buy

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Not sure which mat to choose from? With the try-before-you-buy program, you can sample all 4 cork yoga mats to test out at home. Measuring 5.5″ x 7.5″ they are the perfect size to try out under your hands, knees, and feet.

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Find the right mat for you

Sample our 4 cork mats from home to find the perfect mat for you. Measuring 5.5" x 7.5" they are the perfect size to test under your hands, knees and feet. Eco-consciously made from upcycled yoga mats.

Customer Reviews

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Jasmin R
Awesome Option!

Really like that this is offered! I was originally split between 3 mats and this really helped with narrowing down my order. Agree with other folks that it would be nice to have sample sizes that are a little bigger -maybe offer two size options and folks can pay a little more for a bigger sample?

Trying is nice, a little longer please.

I really appreciated the ability to try out all the styles. It made the choices much clearer. However, I wish the samples were just a little but longer to fit a the length of my feet (which are only sz 9 mens). By chance, I guess, there are 4 samples. So one for each foot and hand in a down dog test. But with feet hanging over the edges. Same thing when testing standing and balance postures. So, please make them longer.

FYI, samples are great afterwards for coasters, under house plants, etc. So, reuse them!

Thanks so much for the great feedback, Paul! Also, we love your suggestions for use when you're done testing them out :)

jodie geller
Great idea!

Since these mats are an investment, I was happy to find that I could purchase samples of all 4 styles. I decided to purchase the Original and so far I am extremely happy. Other people at the yoga studio noticed and asked me questions about my mat that I now carry the samples in my yoga bag to help others make an educated decision.

Hi Jodie! We are so appreciative of your kind words and cannot thank you enough for spreading the word about Yoloha :)

Great idea

Having no experience with cork mats, this was a great way to feel the different types before making a purchase, or even knowing if you want this type of mat. It took me a while to decide, but ultimately, I did end up making a purchase. Hope I like it!

Thanks so much, Donna!

L Van Koughnet

Kudos to Yoloha for this service. Try Before You Buy means fewer returns which in turn means less energy consumption in deliveries and lower prices for consumers. I really appreciate this ethical and practical choice.

Wendell Odom
Great To Feel Before Buying

Great way to decide which mat was best for my needs.

Thank you!

Helpful Decision Maker

We are thankful that Yohola provided a way to test the different types of mats so that we were able to make a good decision for us. The samples were large enough to place your hands on them to test grip and also to place elbows and knees for cushion comfort. Having done those things, we were able to determine which mat would be best for us. Since then, we ordered our mats, received them and have used them. They turned out perfect for us and we are very happy with them. Thanks Yoloha for providing this option. It saves on having to return a mat that may have not been right for you.

Hey Ralph! This is fantastic to hear since we created our Try Before You Buy for this very reason :) Hope you all enjoy your mats for many practices to come!

What a great idea!

I could not decide which material I wanted for my mat. Honestly, it’s a lot of money and the uncertainty made me feel uneasy. I was so happy to see that samples were available for a reasonable price. The size of the samples were enough to help me decide which mat I wanted. I felt that I could make my purchase confidently, knowing that I would have what works for me. I’m 6 feet tall and I purchased the Unity 80” x 26” mat. Love it!

We are so happy to hear that the samples helped you, thanks so much for your order and review!