Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

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Sample Mat 1 Aura
Sample Mat 2 Nomad

Not sure which mat to choose from? With the try before you buy program you can choose 2 cork yoga mats to test out at home. Measuring 26″ wide x 9″ they are the perfect size to try out under your hands, knees and feet. Samples are free when you decide to purchase a mat.*

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Customer Reviews

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Melissa Caceres
Quick ship over holiday!

I have been in contact with this company since August asking questions about what mat would they consider to be the best for Pilates, what chemicals are in the EVA Plant Foam, and if the Encompass will come in the Aura Plant Foam configuration. Now, it did take awhile to get the details in the Plant Foam, (which I understand due to the world right now) but other than that I have been very amazed by the customer service and quick response of this company! I've been looking at the Aura with the Plant Foam back without a design, but because of the Black Friday sale, I was able to look at getting a design which I previously wasn't looking at due to being unemployed. I realized that I love the Encompass design with Plant Foam back but it comes in the Original not in the Aura which I was told would be a good mat for Pilates. Being unsure of which one would be better for me, I decided to purchase the "Try Before You Buy" in the Original and Aura. I ordered them on Monday, November 22 and I asked if I could try one with a Plant Foam backing (as it's not an option on the Try Before You Buy), and had a delivery date for the following Monday. I didn't get a response on if I could get it with Plant Foam bock or not, but today they came in the mail on Black Friday-a full 3 days early!!!! I also received a special handwritten note from Hillary saying she had included the Aura with a Plant Foam back! I was so touched that they had included it for me to try it out with the mat I was originally looking at. I can say now with confidence that I know I want the Aura with the Plant Foam back and the Encompass design. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with the Encompass design, yet, but I'm hopeful it will soon with the same 40% off discount :) . When I first looked at Encompass, I didn't notice all of the beautiful and subtle details it has, but zooming in, allows you to appreciate its beauty.

Also, I looked all over the internet for an eco friendly friendly product that would have the least amount of toxic chemicals as possible (hours and hours of searching) and this company really appealed to me, not just because of the cork, but because of the Plant Foam which I think is truly amazing. They are going out of their way to find another way to make what would be a not so environmentally friendly mat into a great addition to anyone's home fitness environment. Overall, I am excited to own the Try It Before You buy it mats and be apart of this company that is trying to change the mat industry! I am recommending this company and it's mats to my College Pilates classmates and hope that they will be able to support this company along with my teacher possibly/hopefully recommending it to her clients in her studio.

Oh and both mats feel great! and comfortable :) and I can't wait to get one and workout on it!

Love at First Use

"Try before you buy" is a great option. Now, I can figure out which mat is best for me, without having to buy and return.

As for the cork mat itself, it felt amazing for use. The grip on the floor was excellent. My hands doesnt get sweaty that much, but it does get soft and skiddy when it is cold. Aura provided better grip even during that time.

Bessie DeFreitas
Love the try before you buy option

So helpful to be able to test out a small section of mat on knees, feet, and/or hands to determine how much cushion is needed and what the feel of the cork is like! Thank you!

Topher McNicholas
Love it.

So excited to introduce these environmentally friendly products into my practice.

Anastasiia Greider
Really helpful

I have some issues with certain textures so wanted to try out the surfaces before I committed to a pretty expensive mat. It really helped and as soon as I felt them I knew which one I wanted!