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Unity Cork Yoga Mat


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Nomad Cork Yoga Mat




Surface 3mm Cork & Rubber 2mm Natural Cork .5mm Natural Cork .5mm Natural Cork .5mm Natural Cork
Bottom 3.5mm Volextra 4mm TPE Foam 3.5mm TPE Foam 5.5mm TPE Foam 1mm Natural Rubber
Thickness 6.5mm 6mm 4mm 6mm 1.5mm
Weight 6lbs. | 2.72kg 2.5lbs | 1.13kg 2.5lbs | 1.13kg 2.8lbs | 1.27kg 2.5lbs | 1.13kg
Rolled 5in. | 127mm 5.5in. | 139mm 4in. | 102mm 5.5in. | 139mm 2.5in. | 63mm
Texture Rugged Rugged Soft Soft Fine
Firmness Medium - Firm Medium - Firm Medium Cushioned Firm
Sweat Level Swimming Swimming Glistening Glistening Glistening
Practice Type* Vigorous / Fitness Vigorous Commuter Light / At Home Traveler

*All of our cork yoga mats are great for every style of practice. The practice types above are our general recommendations.