Try Before You Buy

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Not sure which mat to choose from? With the try before you buy program you can sample all 4 cork yoga mats to test out at home. Measuring 5.5″ x 7.5″ they are the perfect size to try out under your hands, knees and feet. Samples are free when you decide to purchase a mat.*

*$10 store credit will be emailed shortly after purchase. 1 store credit can be used per order. Can be combined with other discount codes. Free USA shipping.


Find the right mat for you

Sample our 4 cork mats from home to find the perfect mat for you. Measuring 5.5" x 7.5" they are the perfect size to test under your hands, knees and feet. Eco-consciously made from upcycled yoga mats.

Customer Reviews

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Justine G
Great Mat

My first Mat arrived with a crease, it was a quickly replaced. Beautiful product, great customer service. The cleaning spray is awesome as well.

Michael Coe
Great to know which to get

This really helped me make it down to the Unity and Official mat. I liked the look of the original so I went for it! This have me the confidence to make the investment and know it will be a great long term fit.

Das Rush
Really helpful

I ordered these to test what worked best for my style of practice and amount of sweat. I used the samples for my hand placement for a week of morning yoga practice, and it was helpful to confirm what worked for me. I was then able to take the $10 off my yoga mat purchase. Look forward togetting the mat!

So glad to hear that, Das!

Mindy Minaeri
All-star customer service!

I am one who typically likes to make informed decisions. So when I found out that Yoloha had a “try before you buy” opportunity, I took them up on it! After all, these mats aren’t cheap, and I don’t want the hassle of buy and exchange/return.
About the size of my hand, these rectangles allowed me to do CAT/COW and DOWNWARD DOG and actually experience how each mat feels under my hand.
This, along with Yoloha’s descriptions, really helped me as I went back and forth to decide which May would be the best fit for me.
I can hardly wait to get my mat… I’m confident I made a good choice!
OH! Then there’s the $10 coupon towards the purchase of the mat, which offset the cost of the samples. Again, TOTALLY worth it!!
Thank you for truly offering GREAT customer service!

Woohoo! This makes our hearts so happy to hear, Mindy!

Edward Hajek
Love my try before buy!

I completely thought I knew which mat I wanted and then I got my samples. Turns out I didn't but now I do. I can't wait tob order my perfect Mat!

So glad this helped you make an informed decision, Edward!