Making the Lunar Wheel with Zak Korvin

The new Lunar Wheel is an out of this world design by Zak Korvin, depicting the 7 phases of the moon around our Cork Yoga Wheel.

About Zak Korvin

Zak Korvin is an English artist creating art filled with sacred geometry to raise consciousness and explore the realms that can only be seen by those who seek. What makes Zak’s work special is the fact that every piece of art is carefully constructed by hand, using only a straight-edge and a compass. Taking extra care to create symmetry by hand, Zak is able to inject life and soul into a pattern that would otherwise look flat and dull if created digitally.

Zak won our 2020 Artist contest with his Earth Rest design, which we have on all 5 of our cork yoga mats AND our cork blocks. Learn more about Zak in his Q&A style Artist Feature on our blog.

The Lunar Wheel

As a fan of both yoga and wheels, Zak was stoked to create a one of a kind design for our cork yoga wheels. He drew inspiration from the biggest wheel there is, the moon, incorporating the circular and cyclical nature of its celestial body. He started by drawing the moon seven times with only dots (talk about hand cramps!).

He then sent us his final design, which we printed onto our signature, eco-friendly cork and adhered to our yoga wheels. Handmade in our warehouse, our cork yoga wheels are constructed of sustainably sourced maple and polar wood.

Making the Lunar Wheel

Watch Zak’s step by step journey to creating this Lunar design and its transformation to our cork yoga wheel.

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