Inspire Your Home Practice

Inspire Your Home Practice

Posted by Nicole Lennox on

Anyone else feeling blue from all the empty yoga studios? This pandemic has been a trying time for all, including the yoga and fitness space. Some studios have regrettably shut down, others have opened with limited classes and social distancing. Most studios, however, have transitioned to virtual yoga classes. This is an excellent solution to the universal chaos but let’s face it. It is not the same as being in the room, with the people enduring the practice. 

For me, personally, I used to plan my day around my yoga class. It motivated me to get through my studies, my day at work, whatever it may have been. My studio was my sanctuary. Now, not only are we having to spend more time at home, some of us even working from home, we also have to practice there.

This may sound dreary, but a few simple steps can turn this into a positive experience. In fact, there are benefits to be discovered in your home practice all together. Whether you are new to yoga and looking to start your practice or a lifelong yogi seeking to maintain motivation, here are some ways you can inspire your practice at home.

#1 Keep your mat rolled out 

It sounds simple, but it really works. Skipping the step of having to actually roll out your mat limits the time your mind has to talk you into doing something “more important”, which trust me, we all do. When your mind thinks yoga, you simply go to the mat and do yoga. This also allows opportunity for your body to tell you when it is time to practice as opposed to the logical mind choosing a time. Sometimes a simple inversion like Adho Mukha Svanasana in between work emails is better than a cup of coffee (and yes, down dog is an inversion!).

PS: This is also an awesome way to show off your gorgeous Yoloha mat. 

#2 Create your safe space

Create a safe space for your mat. This can be next to your bed, a corner of the living room or in that spare guest bedroom that is never used. It doesn’t matter where or how much space there is, it just needs to fit your yoga mat. Liven the space up with whatever makes you happy. Some ideas include a colorful tapestry, candles, essential oil diffuser, palo santo and of course, house plants. It will be your sanctuary so make it a cozy place that you want to be.  Make a commitment to yourself that when you are on your mat, in this space, you will treat it as you would a studio. No shoes, no phone and no expectations! 

#3 Find your Flow

Practicing at home is an excellent opportunity to dive into your own personal movement. In all reality, yoga instructors are here to guide you through your own personal journey of yoga. Therefore, YOU are your biggest teacher and you learn from listening to your body. Take this opportunity to throw on some music, close your eyes and move in whatever way you feel called to. Being alone gives you the luxury of not worrying what others may think, so let loose! 

These are just some options that have helped me in my personal venture of a home practice. Remember, at the end of the day, you are in control of your experience. Your yoga practice starts with you, no matter where you are.

Let us know what you do to stay inspired at home in the comments below. 



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  • Love ❤️ ! Just beginning “serious “ Yoga, can’t believe the “benefits” already ❤️✨✨!

    Richard OMalley on

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