Ambassador Feature: Sarah Jones

Ambassador Feature: Sarah Jones

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Meet Sarah Jones, one of our core ambassadors here at Yoloha.

Sarah began her yoga journey back in 2006. What started as a heavy, anything-but-flexible method for dealing with stress and anxiety during college, soon became a graceful, go-with-the-flow way of life. With a strong focus on the fundamentals, Baptiste Power Vinyasa at her foundation, and additional training in trauma sensitive yoga, yoga therapy, yin, reiki, and Primal Flow, Sarah enjoys instilling the many healing benefits of yoga and mindfulness to students of all levels. You can find Sarah at Yoloha Yoga Factory and Ethos Athletic Club in the Charleston Area, online, and on the beach, as she is also the Director of Yoga for Warrior Surf Foundation.

We sat down with Sarah to chat about movement, life and more. Here’s what she had to say:

When and where did your yoga journey begin? 

2006 – a hot yoga class at Blue Turtle Yoga in Charleston, SC.

Was there a certain experience that brought you to yoga? 

At the time, I was in college, working full time, and my boyfriend was deployed in Ramadi, Iraq as a Marine Scout Sniper. Life was chaos and I needed an outlet for high anxiety and way too much stress.

How did you discover Yoloha and what do you love about it? 

Chris Wiley, owner of Yoloha, and I have known each other for years from back home in Maryland. I’ve always admired Chris’s creativity, work ethic, and his ability to create, build, and improve pretty much anything he’s needed for his business over the years. When he moved to Charleston and brought Yoloha with him, I was beyond stoked (and honored) to join his team. Today, the Yoloha Community is thriving! I love the sustainability and quality of the products we offer, the authenticity and personalities of all our teachers, and I’m still just as stoked and honored to be involved as I was on day 1!

What style(s) of yoga do you teach? Practice? 

I mostly teach all-levels vinyasa, slow flow, yin, and power yoga in-studio/with private clients and trauma-sensitive yoga to Veterans. I love working with beginners and teaching the fundamentals via workshops. For my practice, I’m into mostly vinyasa-based classes, slow candlelit flows into yin, Primal Flow, Kundalini, and just rolling my mat out and moving how I need to that day.

What is your favorite Yoloha product and why? 

The Unity Mat. Hands down. I have it in every size and use it for everything from meditation to HIIT.

Where do you teach? 

Right now I spend a majority of my time leading the yoga program for Warrior Surf Foundation – a 501c3 nonprofit here in Charleston. Warrior Surf provides surf therapy, wellness coaching, and yoga to Veterans and their families. As far as in-studio classes, you can find me at Yoloha Yoga Factory and Ethos Athletic Club. I also work 1:1 with clients in-person and virtually. I also love leading yoga and mindfulness courses in Middle Schools around Charleston.

What yoga certifications do you have? 

Baptiste Power Vinyasa 200RYT, Advanced Art of Assisting (Baptiste), Yin, Warriors at Ease trauma sensitive training, Primal Flow, lots of vinyasa-based CEUs and Reiki.

Do you have any events or workshops coming up?

I lead a Fundamentals of Flow AKA Yoga 101 workshop a few times a year. We have some exciting additions to our yoga curriculum at Warrior Surf this year including Yoga as a Lifestyle – a deep dive into the 8 limbs. I’m stoked for some fun monthly collaboration events starting in June 2021 – check my website for updates!

Who is your favorite teacher?

That is a loaded question! I would say my # 1 teacher on and off the mat is my mentor and dear friend, Mimi Rose. Mimi led the philosophy portion of my YTT and we’ve been working together ever since.There are a lot of talented teachers in the Charleston area… just depends on what I need that day, I know I’ll find it! I also love taking class from the Veterans who’ve gone through the Warrior Surf program and have become yoga teachers. I am so grateful to be their student.

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Right now I am all about Jason Crandle. He is so knowledgeable, personable, and willing to share everything he knows! I’ve attended several of his sequencing workshops in the past couple years and feel like a much better teacher for it. I also have a large amount of respect and find motivation from all the leaders, healers, and guides who have stepped out of their comfort zone and into their true purpose over the past year. Thanks 2020!

What is your favorite yoga pose and why? 

Half Moon. I love single leg work, balancing, and expanding all at the same time. There’s so many variations of Half Moon that, with a solid foundation, you can explore and make it different each time you come into it.

What is your favorite place that you have travelled and why? 

A small beach town somewhere in Central America. I travel there for about a month each year to lead retreats. It’s pure magic and needs to be kept a secret!

Talk about something that challenges you.

People not using their blinkers, the back up noise Amazon delivery trucks make, lemon seeds, comparing myself to other yoga teachers and feeling like I need to change my teaching to fit the mold of what everyone else thinks yoga is, and potty training a new puppy.

When do you feel like you are being your true self? 

80% of the time. I’ve done a lot of work this past year to re-align with and love my true Self – to align with authenticity. This work has done nothing but lead me to exactly where I need to be.


Keep up with Sarah on IG: @yogawithsarahj and her website:

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