Ambassador Feature: Anya Fleshler

Ambassador Feature: Anya Fleshler

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Meet Yoloha Ambassador, Anya Fleshler.

Anya has been a student of yoga since 2013 and a teacher since 2018 when she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica with Reflections Yoga.

Anya was a competitive ballroom dancer through out her childhood and was always drawn to the beautiful physical part of yoga. When she began experiencing muscle and spinal injuries, it was not possible to move through some of those poses with ease. Experiencing physical and emotional trauma introduced Anya to the spiritual aspects of yoga that allowed for connection to the breath and forgiveness of the mind. With this new discovery and the help of her teachers, she found Anya Satya Yoga.

Anya Satya Yoga focuses on moving from truth and compassion. “Satya” is one of the five yamas studied in Yoga and is loosely defined as truth. We often want to move with the intention of looking a certain way or meditate with the intention to feel a certain way. By acknowledging our truth and meeting it with compassion, we can move with more freedom and build a strong honest foundation that can take our bodies and minds further than ever before.

We sat down with Anya to discuss movement, life and more. Here’s what she had to say:

When and where did your yoga journey begin? 

My yoga journey began in 2013 when I started to experience crippling anxiety. I was having multiple panic attacks a day and was seeking help. I turned away from medications and found yoga. Yoga taught me how to connect with my breath and body which helped me find triggers for my panic attacks and allowed me to get ahead of them. My daily yoga practice has calmed and balanced my nervous system to a place where my panic attacks are pretty much nonexistent. I no longer fear them and have more control over how I react not just in a moment of panic, but in everything I do, on and off the mat. Yoga has always been so much more than a physical practice for me. It is a teacher.

How did you discover Yoloha and what do you love about it? 

I discovered Yoloha right after I completed my YTT. I wanted to treat myself to a nice mat from a company with positive values. I looked up sustainable mats and Yoloha stood out with their incredible story and designs. One of my favorite things about Yoloha is how unique their designs are due to their collaborations with artists. There is such a good community in the Yoloha family and the company keeps their community involved in their design decisions.

What is your favorite Yoloha product and why? 

I love the Aura Cork Yoga Mat! It’s so versatile and pretty. It’s light and easy to travel with, I’m not slipping in my down dogs, and it’s thick enough to feel comfortable in restorative poses.

What yoga certifications do you have? 

Certifications and Trainings

  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Paula Tursi at Anamaya in Costa Rica
  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Rev. Viviana Collazo at Yogaville
  •  Meditation Course with Paula Tursi at Reflections Yoga 
  • 13 week Life Design Mentorship with Paula Tursi 
  • Thai Massage Level 1 Certification with Tai Jamar Hanna at Reflections Yoga 
  • Learn More:

Who is your favorite teacher?

Swami Satchidananda of Yogaville and Paula Tursi of Reflections Yoga

What mantra do you live by? 

“I take back my power” 

Give yourself permissions to be powerful and strong. Our society of “should” and “shouldn’t” has forced us to fit into boundaries that limit us and the story we tell ourselves.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why? 

Pigeon! There are so many modifications and lessons to be learned in this pose. Letting go and surrendering to how things are instead of how they should be. Also, it feels amazing 🙂 


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