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Peace Grip Spray

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Made with organic lavender and rose essential oils that induce a calming effect when sprayed on the body while providing added grip to your cork yoga mat. Comes with a conveniently sized, reusable 8oz. bottle made from 40% wheat straw.

Use: Recommended to spray your cork mat (specifically where your hands and feet go in down dog) and/or body before your practice.

Made with certified organic essential oils.

Increases grip on your cork yoga mat.

Durable bottle made from 40% wheat straw.

Made in the USA.

100% vegan product.

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Grip sprays are not eligible for returns.

Recommended to spray your cork mat (specifically where your hands and feet go in down dog) and/or body before your practice.

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Grip and Revitalize Naturally

Made from purified water and organic essential oils our grip sprays are designed to provide added grip to your cork mat while invigorating your practice.

Customer Reviews

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It’s ok

Michael Magerl
Not sure it’s for me

The product works great but I didn’t like the flowery scent. I am an older male yoga instructor and wasn’t crazy about smelling like a flower. I would still recommend it, just not for me!

Hey there- thanks for your review! You might want to check out one of our other spray options like the Revive or Focus grip sprays. Neither of these contain rose which might be better suited for you. Hope this helps!

David Duvall

Peace Grip Spray


I do not like the scent if this seems very artificial to me


Smells amazing

Blair Stricklin
The most pleasant smell!

This is glorious. The spray does allow a better grip on the cork mat, and also on my rubber mat, but the smell of this is intoxicating. I have ordered more just so I don't run out. All of my students love it too! And I love the glass bottles. Buy it. You won't regret it!

James Gillooly
Great Company

Love the Mat,Mat Bag ,Strap and Cleaner/Grip Bag I’d Big Enough for the Mat 2 Blocks 1 Strap May Towel Hand Towel and A Small Spray Bottle The 2 Pockets are a Plus

Thanks for the awesome feedback, James

Carrie Payne
Peace grip spray

I ordered a cork yoga Matt and the peace grip spray and absolutely love both. I ordered a yoga strap and yoga block and will definitely be referring this company! Very high quality

Thanks for the wonderful review, Carrie!