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Discover the world's first eco friendly cork yoga mat. Handmade in the USA, our mats have an unmatched grip that increases the more you sweat and a self cleaning surface eliminating any nasty smells, germs or bacteria. We deeply care about our environment and our bodies so we made our yoga mat 100% recyclable with eco friendly materials that contain no PVC's or harmful chemicals. Our uniquely crafted mats are guaranteed to elevate your yoga experience and last a lifetime.

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The Story of Mi Tham

April 21, 2015

We wanted to personally introduce and share the story of Mi Tham. She hand makes all of our yoga mat bags locally for the Tembo Group in Baltimore, MD. Mi began her career as a seamstress in Burma, also known as Myanmar which is under de facto military rule, where the military tried to conscript her. When the army began searching for her husband, she fled with her younger daughter and escaped into Thailand after which the Burmese army burned her home. Unfortunately Mi Tham was forced to leave her older daughter behind with her mother.  After six years in Malaysia and a debilitating accident to her husband, she came to the United States with her younger daughter and husband. She thanks the... Continue Reading →


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