We have a bunch of really innovative products in the works, including travel mats, apparel, bags and yoga accessories that flows with our company philosophy of being American made, sustainable, long lasting and completely unique. With your help we can make these products a reality and grow our grassroots business reaching out to more of our yoga community.

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Yoga Mats: Sustainable vs. Toxic

December 09, 2013

Before I discovered the uplifting benefits of the downward dog, I thought I was doing the right thing to keep my body in balance. To be honest, before my first eye-opening injury, I didn’t think much at all about bodily maintenance. But at this moment, my post-injury self wishes I could hop in a time machine and go whack my pre-injury self across the head with a yoga mat. Maybe you know the feeling. I made the common mistake of living by a “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” philosophy. This mindset is easy to slip into nowadays. As busy as our lives are, it’s difficult to maintain perspective of everything around us. So we stick with what appears... Continue Reading →

Eco Friendly Surfboards

April 12, 2013

Were proud to announce that Willey Surfboards is now reconigned as an EcoBoard by Sustainable Surf! This program provides the surfing industry with the first, independent 3rd party, consumer facing "eco-label" for surfboards. Visit the Sustainable Surf Site for more information on this amazing program thats helping change the surfing industry. Willey Surfboards is reconized because we use cork veneer on the deck and excess eps foam is recycled and turned into new foam! The cork used on our surfboards comes from the bark of a cork tree which is harvested every 8 years without harming the tree and most trees live for 150 years.  Cork plantations are absorbing 218,000 TONS of C02 from the atmosphere every year.  Not only is... Continue Reading →