We have a bunch of really innovative products in the works, including travel mats, apparel, bags and yoga accessories that flows with our company philosophy of being American made, sustainable, long lasting and completely unique. With your help we can make these products a reality and grow our grassroots business reaching out to more of our yoga community.

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Yoloha Yoga: Supporting youth through Living Classrooms Foundation

July 30, 2014

Yoloha Yoga is proud to support Living Classrooms Foundation yoga program.  Living Classrooms Foundation strengthens communities and inspires young people to achieve their potential through hands-on education and job training, using urban, natural, and maritime resources as "living classrooms." Founded in Baltimore in 1985, Living Classrooms Foundation has grown into an educational and economic force that combines one of the city's most cherished assets - its beautiful and historic harbor - with some of its most overlooked - the thousands of bright, ambitious children and young adults who are struggling to succeed against terrible odds. What began with one program in one city has grown into dozens of programs across a region that now encompasses Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland.... Continue Reading →

Yoga Mats: Sustainable vs. Toxic

December 09, 2013

Before I discovered the uplifting benefits of the downward dog, I thought I was doing the right thing to keep my body in balance. To be honest, before my first eye-opening injury, I didn’t think much at all about bodily maintenance. But at this moment, my post-injury self wishes I could hop in a time machine and go whack my pre-injury self across the head with a yoga mat. Maybe you know the feeling. I made the common mistake of living by a “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” philosophy. This mindset is easy to slip into nowadays. As busy as our lives are, it’s difficult to maintain perspective of everything around us. So we stick with what appears... Continue Reading →