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Meet the artist

Annie is an artist and designer who loves to paint with cheerful color palettes and experiment with different textures and techniques. She’s especially inspired by nature, positivity, and the artistic vibe of her hometown, Asheville NC.

“I always think about how I want to feel when seeing the end product of my design. Yoga plays a meaningful part in my life, and it’s an experience that I find both energizing and relaxing. My intention for designing Wild Jungle was to create something unique and beautiful that I would want to keep out in my home and be inspired to practice. My love of bold color and lush tropical landscapes transcends into this modern interpretation of Hawaiian woodcuts. I sketched different botanical shapes by hand, arranged them into a composition, tested out several color palettes, and finished the process digitally.”—Annie Riker

Follow Annie at:
@annieriker | annieriker.com

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