Unity Cork Yoga Wheel
Unity Cork Yoga Wheel
Unity Cork Yoga Wheel
Unity Cork Yoga Wheel
Unity Cork Yoga Wheel
Unity Cork Yoga Wheel
Unity Cork Yoga Wheel

Unity Cork Yoga Wheel

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A simple circle with a surprising amount of ways to enhance your practice. A yoga wheel is an excellent tool for stretching and relieving pain in the spine and shoulders, assisting the safe advancement into deeper postures, and adding stability and versatility in balance poses, backbends and much more. Our cork yoga wheels are all handmade at our warehouse in Charleston, SC. The core is constructed from sustainably-sourced maple and poplar wood. Rounded interior edges making gripping comfortable. An outer layer of latex-free foam topped with cork provides cushion with the antimicrobial and non-slip benefits of cork.

12″ diameter | 5″ width | 2.5 lbs.

Thick cushioning is easy on your back and joints.

Rounded interior edges make gripping comfortable.

Handmade locally in the USA.

Free yoga wheel guide included.

Heavy duty wood construction designed to hold up to 300lbs.

No PVC’s, latex, plasticizers or rubber smells.

100% vegan product.

Free shipping on USA orders over $75, and our 60 days, no questions asked return policy. Free USA returns.

Clean the top of the wheel when/if needed. Spray the cork with our Mat Cleaning Spray or a natural cleaner and allow to air dry.
Grip Tip: The cork surface increases grip when wet. Use our Grip Spray or sprinkle water on your wheel for added traction.


with love

handmade with love

All of our wooden yoga wheels are handmade at Yoloha by our yoga wheel craftsman Bill.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ariel Calmes
Fantastic yoga wheel

Wonderful, functional, fun and gorgeous. My first wheel had an issue and the company sent me a replacement right away. I am so glad because I greatly enjoy my wheel and the guide it arrived with

Sharon Leiser
Beautiful yoga wheel

This yoga wheel is really beautiful
It is easy and fun to use.. The quality and feel of the wheel is really impressive
It arrived to the other side of the world (Australia ) in a week
I love this company so purchased blocks and unity mat

Game Changer

I was interested in this product for a long time and finally purchased it. Complete game changer in my practice. The booklet that comes with it is super helpful in getting started. I struggle with heart openers because of my shoulders and this gives me
the support I need. I am able to get into so many poses I could never do without this wheel. Super happy with it!

Hand Crafted Piece of Art!

The quality of this wheel is top notch. For half the price you can get a cheap made in china wheel that will probably only last a couple years. Just spend the extra money and get this, its worth it! Its made of real wood. You can tell somebody took the time and put a little bit of love into making it. Quality all around! All my yoga gear is Yoloha. It’s the best!

Danielle Redden
Best investment

Absolutely amazing! It for sure completes my yoga practice