Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

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Sample Mat 1 Aura
Sample Mat 2 Original

Not sure which mat to choose from? With the try before you buy program you can choose 2 cork yoga mats to test out at home. Measuring 26″ wide x 9″ they are the perfect size to try out under your hands, knees and feet. Samples are free when you decide to purchase a mat.*

Free shipping in the USA. International shipping rates apply.

*$10 store credit will be emailed shortly after purchase. Only 1 store credit can be used per order. CAN be combined with other discount codes.


Customer Reviews

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Jean K.
Try before you buy samples

I bought two samples with my yoga mats (child sized ones for me and family); I use the samples as knee pads. I bought two samples, and I love the thickest for this purpose. Sometimes use both for extra padding.

I bring my mat and knee pad rolled up in my suitcase when I travel too. Thank you for an awesome, comfortable, grippy mat and knee pad that I ❤️❤️❤️.

Best idea yet!

I’m very glad this was an option. I purchased 2 because so I could try out 4 of the mats. It may have made my decision harder because I LOVED 3 of them. I tried the Nomad, Unity, Aura, and the Original. Ultimately, think I’m going with the Aura for the extra cushion.

Madeline Light
Great program!

After reading all about these cork mats I was looking forward to trying them. No description can be as good as trying one out. This program gives you that perfect opportunity to try them out. That helped me narrow down which mat I will select.

Michael Beller
great idea, fast shippin

The try before you buy program is great. Not only did it help me decide between two options, it helped me decide (and better understand) cork in general. I used both samples right on top of my existing mat, sometimes under my hands and sometimes my feet, to compare the two samples to each other and to my existing mats.

Incredibly useful

Try before you buy is essential for something like a yoga mat! I had narrowed it down to two (Nomad and Air) and the ability to try both made committing to the mat so so easy (I chose the Nomad by the way!). PLUS you get a 10$ coupon, so it's practically free to try (because you WILL fall in love with one). And now our little at-home yoga studio has some great extra cushioning for wrists, knees, or anywhere else that could use some more support. Such a generous and useful product offer :)