Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

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Sample Mat 1 Aura
Sample Mat 2 Nomad

Not sure which mat to choose from? With the try before you buy program you can choose 2 cork yoga mats to test out at home. Measuring 26″ wide x 9″ they are the perfect size to try out under your hands, knees and feet. Samples are free when you decide to purchase a mat.*

*$10 store credit will be emailed shortly after purchase. 1 store credit can be used per order. Can be combined with other discount codes. Free USA shipping.




Sample our mats from home to find the perfect mat for you.

Customer Reviews

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Sample Mats

I loved that I could order samples to help me decide! Still a tough decision as I have tried both under my hands and feet and have pros/cons per say about both. Either way…I think it’s a wonderful idea!!

Joseph Bieselin
Great quality and buying more!

My spouse and I did the try before you buy to test out if we liked the yoga mat. I initially did this because there aren’t any other brands that I’m aware of that makes super high quality mats for people that are 6’+. The samples did not disappoint and I’ll be going with their most expensive option which I expect to last for years to come. I can’t wait to be able to fully extend on a yoga mat without worrying about my head or fit being off the mat!

Anne Marie Biancalana
Love the samples!

Great way to get a sense of the difference between the types of May materials.

The perfect way to get what you really need!

This is a really clever way to ensure you get exactly what you need! I'm so glad I tried first as the one I was originally thinking would fit my needs wasn't the one I actually needed and ended up choosing. I LOVE my aura and am so glad I tried ahead of time. The $10 off code was easy to use and I can now use the samples for extra back or knee support while doing my practice. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please NEVER get rid of the try before you buy!

christine nunziato-Bonenfant

I loved the try before you but