Tropical Vibes Nomad Cork Yoga Mat - Yoloha Yoga
Tropical Vibes Nomad Cork Yoga Mat - Yoloha Yoga
Tropical Vibes Nomad Cork Yoga Mat - Yoloha Yoga

Tropical Vibes Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

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SIZE | 72" x 26"

Meet our extra light and ultra versatile yoga mat. A premium layer of eco-friendly cork provides a non-slip and antimicrobial surface that is easy to care for and maintain. A luxuriously dense foam base, free of PVC’s and latex gives added comfort and support. If your practice takes you to the local studio, beach, a mindful hike or on your next big adventure the Nomad will be there for you.

4mm thick | 2.5 lbs. | 4" rolled

Non-slip dry to medium perspiration.

Lightweight and portable yet grounding.

Versatile. Great indoors or outside.

Always lays flat, will never slide or bunch up.

Easy to care for and keep clean.

No PVC’s, latex, plasticizers or rubber smells.

100% vegan product.

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Lightly spray with Yoloha mat cleaner or natural cleaner after use and lay flat to dry.
Grip Tip: Cork increases grip when wet. Use our grip spray or sprinkle water on your mat where your hands and feet go before practice for extra traction.

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nomad design highlights

Natural Grip

Premium cork surface keeps you grounded and stable in any practice.

Body Kind

Made from natural materals that are easy to care for and keep clean.

Travel Ready

The nomad is made extra light and compact for yogis on the go.


Lightweight and Versatile

Goes anywhere you do

The Nomad features a premium cork surface made extra thin, allowing for greater portability and versatility. Super easy to maintain and keep clean.

Performance Done Naturally

Features a smoother take on our traditional cork surface yet with no sacrifice on grip which increases with moisture. Feel grounded and confident in any yoga practice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Item didn’t arrive!

Would love to give a review however the yoga mat I ordered and paid for has NOT arrived. I emailed the company and received one response…implying o should have notified them earlier that the mat didn’t arrive! So the paying customer is responsible for making sure the item they purchased arrives!! DISAPPOINTING

Hi Catherine! I'm so sorry you are disappointed. We just needed to get all of the information about your missing package with some additional questions in order to file a claim and have already shipped out your replacement.

Rebecca Mendez

Love Love Love this mat! I practice hot yoga in a 90* humid room and become a wet mess. No slip and slide, it’s great! At the end of the practice I simply wipe my mat of excess sweat so I don’t leave a trail and it’s dry from my car. I love that it’s super light weight, even after 1 hour of being drenched on. The design is not completely symmetric if that’s what you looking for, for alignment spots, but it’s Beautiful non the less. I feel like it’s almost softer than a regular mat. No chemical smell even when wet.
I just love it!

Stephanie Pavlik

Hello I was wondering if this mat is foadable as the travel one ? :)

Nikita M.
Gorgeous, Supportive, Earthy

This mat exceeded my expectations. The cork is a welcome replacement for a rubber mat that never lost its chemical smell. The Yoloha mat is MUCH lighter, smells earthy, and has a beautiful design that delights me every time I unroll it to flow. Dampening it is no big deal, though I do like to practice without added moisture sometimes to practice distributing my weight more accurately. I will be purchasing a travel mat for my next excursion, and will recommend this mat to any of my friends.

Thanks for the feedback, Nikita! Stoked you are loving your Nomad.

Sarah Robertson
Great mat! Beautiful Design

I love my new yoga mat!

Shannon Sullivan

This is the nicest mat I have ever bought myself! I am absolutely in love. It is super light, gorgeous, eco-friendly, comfortable.. I love it!


The grip is amazing! My last YTT session I was outside in the Florida humidity for hours and not once did I slip on my mat. I love it!