Cork Yoga Cushion
Cork Yoga Cushion
Cork Yoga Cushion
Cork Yoga Cushion

Cork Yoga Cushion

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Give your knees and joints extra cushion during your yoga practice. Made from 6mm thick, extra supportive latex free foam and non-slip cork. Lightweight for easy transport. Measures 26" x 9".

26" wide x 9" long

6mm thick | .8 lbs. | 2" rolled

Ideal balance of comfort and support.

Lightweight and portable yet grounding.

Always lays flat, will never slide or bunch up.

Easy to care for and keep clean.

No PVC’s, latex, plasticizers or rubber smells.

100% vegan product.

Free shipping on USA orders over $75, and our 60 days, no questions asked return policy.

Lightly spray with Yoloha mat cleaner or natural cleaner after use and lay flat to dry.

natural support

6mm thick non-toxic,latex free foam and cork provides the ideal balance of comfort and support for your knees and joints.

Customer Reviews

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Deborah Garrett

I love everything about my Internation with this company and the products. That might sound vague but it is actually intended to be inclusive. I am obsessed.

MarieElizabeth Payne
Best cushion for sore knees

I have tried numerous solutions and this finally works.

Natascha M.
Perfect supplement to my Aura Cork Mat

All my joints are singing your praises as this cushion superbly complements the Aura Cork Yoga Mat I ordered previously. The mat and cushion also fit comfortably in the Mat Bag. Many thanks to you! Together with the Meditation Cushion, I am in Yin Yoga heaven.

Helps in So Many Ways

I purchased this specifically for my hands during downward dog for extra cushion on my hands and less pressure on my wrists. This has evolved into being used for other positions as well. I already use the Original Air Cork Yoga Mat, which provides its own amount of cushion, but having this simply makes life happier. I have used it for my knees, shoulders when in bridge pose, and use it as an extension to my mat as well. It does not slip when on or off the mat and is easy to move during transitions. It also travels well...I roll up my mat then place it in the center. However, I use Yoloha's Natural Sling and Mat Strap to hold my mat, so I do not roll my mat tightly allowing for the additional center space. I have many products from Yoloha and they are absolutely the very best! I can not imagine going back to using anything else.

Perfect Practice Accessory

This is precisely the correct size for all the times I need just a little more padding (mostly for my knees!) The rubber bottom keeps it from sliding away. It's sturdy, but can curve enough to fit around my rolled mat, if I want to take it in my bag. I have also used it at the end of my mat to give me a little pillow space during shavasana.

Thank you for the informative review! So happy you are getting the most out of your yoga cushion. Enjoy :)