Chakras Nomad Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Nomad Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Nomad Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Nomad Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Nomad Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Nomad Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Nomad Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

Chakras Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

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Size 72" x 26"

Meet our extra light and ultra versatile yoga mat. A premium layer of eco-friendly cork provides a non-slip and antimicrobial surface that is easy to care for and maintain. A luxuriously dense foam base, free of PVC’s and latex gives added comfort and support. If your practice takes you to the local studio, beach, a mindful hike or on your next big adventure the Nomad will be there for you.

Use: For practices with very heavy perspiration (where sweat “pools” on the mat) we recommend our Unity or Original Air Yoga Mats.

4mm thick | 2.5 lbs. | 4" rolled

Non-slip dry to medium perspiration.

Lightweight and portable yet grounding.

Versatile. Great indoors or outside.

Always lays flat, will never slide or bunch up.

Easy to care for and keep clean.

No PVC’s, latex, plasticizers or rubber smells.

100% vegan product.

Free shipping on USA orders over $75, and our 60 days, no questions asked return policy.

Lightly spray with Yoloha mat cleaner or natural cleaner after use and lay flat to dry.
Grip Tip: Cork increases grip when wet. Use our grip spray or sprinkle water on your mat where your hands and feet go before practice for extra traction.

Performance Done Naturally

A thinner cork surface is designed for better portability without sacrificing grip. Feel grounded and confident in any yoga practice.

Cushioned Support

Our signature foam is optimized for cushion, stability and energy return. Unique wave texture grips and eliminates bunching up on any surface.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Sydney DeJong
Fav yoga mat

Love this mat. Keeps me from slipping and it’s super cute.

Kris DeJohn

Mat is amazing quality, super soft and the design is absolutely beautiful!


I love my mat, it is sturdy, reliable, firm, and grounding to practice on!

Yoloha’a customer service is great also, Julie patiently and promptly answered all the questions I had before purchasing and even went the extra mile to help me customize my yoga mat with a 16 syllable mantra.

This yoga mat is wonderful, it’s the perfect thickness, and the cork feels very authentic and natural, handmade.

The design is also beautiful, I would recommend it.

There really is a spiritual component of this mat for me and it just feels right, it’s a good feeling. Namaste

Wendy Robinson

I received this mat as a gift a few months ago. I've used it to teach various classes several times a week since. Always does great, I never slip, it's easy to move in the studio, and light to carry. The design is tasteful, useful as an illustration and for alignment, not too bright, and doesn't come off. I've shown it next to the compass Aura (see review), which I bought six months after, I was so happy with this mat. See that the cork looks (and feels) quite different. I had a choice of various cork mats, and I do use another nice one with a rubber backing for jogging. I had my eye on Yoloha for years. The right choice. They know what they're doing and seem nice. Thanks!


I initially ordered the sacred geometry nomad mat but I decided a couple days after I ordered it, that I really wanted the Chakras mat instead. I sent the info team an email asking if they could switch it. They said no problem! They were so nice about it and I could tell they really wanted me to be happy with my order. I ended up receiving my Chakras mat and it is perfect. I love it so much! I didn’t want anything too heavy and I was worried it wasn’t going to be thick enough for me but it really is the perfect thickness. I’m in love 😍.