Mountain Magic Unity Cork Yoga Mat


Mat Size: 72" x 26"

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Unity Highlights

Grip Dry or Wet
No towel needed

Antimicrobial Easy to keep clean

recycled cork and rubber.


Introducing the Unity cork yoga mat, our newly upgraded version of the Native yoga mat. Whats the difference? We doubled the thickness on our unique blend of recycled cork and rubber. The result is a more grounded and supportive feel, serious grip performance dry or wet, optimum durability and low environmental impact. Whether you are doing a high intensity workout or a gentle flow, we haven't found a type of practice this mat isn't good for. Hand-crafted responsibly in the USA, where we spread our roots with gratitude.

Core Features
  • 6.5mm thick | 6 lbs. | 5" rolled
  • Non-slip dry to heavy perspiration.
  • No need for a towel or break in period.
  • Build extra rugged. Designed to handle weights.
  • Always lays flat, will never slide or bunch up.
  • Anti-microbial, naturally eliminating bacteria.
  • Does not absorb moisture, drys in minutes.
  • No PVC’s, latex and plasticizers.
  • 100% vegan product.
  • USA made materials and manufacturing.
Shipping & Returns

We are a small family business that firmly believes and stands by all of our handmade yoga products. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can return for a full refund or exchange within 60 days. No questions asked.


Thank mother nature for making cork! Cork is the outer bark of the Cork Oak Tree which grows in the Mediterranean area. These cork oak forests support one of the world’s highest levels of forest biodiversity. Trees are not cut down to harvest cork, rather, the bark is harvested every 9 years. Cork oak trees can live up to 300 years. Harvesting cork is performed completely by hand and provides over 100,000 fair wage jobs. Learn More 

Care Guide

Lightly spray with Yoloha mat cleaner or natural cleaner after use and lay flat to dry.
Grip Tip: Cork increases grip when wet. Use our grip spray or sprinkle water on your mat where your hands and feet go before practice for extra traction.

unity natural cork yoga mat

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Never go back.

This is my 3rd cork mat from Yoloha. Since I have gone to cork my workouts are more consistent because I am not fussing with a traditional mat and cover. Solid believer in the cork. This is my fifth year of doing yoga and I have turned on several people to this mat.

Overall, love this mat

For the most part I'm really happy with this mat. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design(mountain magic), the colors are beautiful! I love the stability and support, helps with my balance while still providing some cushion with the combo of rubber and cork.
Drawbacks: It has a smell. Not sure if it's something that will dissipate over time, it seems less strong now(had it a few weeks) but my husband still walks in the door and can smell that I had it out HOURS ago. Also, it's not quite as grippy while dry as I thought it would be. I'm sure if I sprayed it with a little water it would be great, but it was described as having great grip wet or dry, so a little disappointed in that, especially considering the price.

Not sure if you would consider it a pro or con, but it does have some weight to it due the the cork/rubber combo, so if you will be carrying it to and from the gym/yoga studio that may be an issue. I workout at home so it doesn't bother me.

Like I said, overall great mat. Not sure if I would buy it again for the price though.

In Love all over again

Super pleased with my purchase - could not be any happier to finally have a mat that i do not slip on. Hands down would buy again!

Unity Mat

Love this mat! It is grippy and beautiful! 5 stars from me!

Great product for any practice!

I bought this mat for my sister, after purchasing the original mat for myself several months ago. Highly satisfied with both purchases and my sister loves the mat's vibrant colors.

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