Featured Ambassador – Paige Ulozas

Meet our featured ambassador for the month of April: Paige Ulozas

Since starting her practice in 2005, Paige cultivated an appreciation for many different styles of yoga. She loves exploring the different ways her body can move, listening to her breath, and creating a moving meditation on her mat. She later discovered acro yoga and quickly fell in love with the practice. She currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska, and has had the honor to guide restorative, yin, and acro classes and workshops throughout her state. She is beyond excited to continue building community and friendships through sharing her yoga journey.

We asked: What experience brought you to yoga?

Paige answered: I started practicing yoga in eighth grade as part of a rotation in my PE class. I loved how calm and focused I felt at the end of each class, and it quickly became one of my favorite activities. After the module ended, I practiced at home with yoga DVD’s and eventually found a studio in town.

We asked: How did you discover Yoloha Yoga and what do you love about it?

Paige answered: I found Yoloha by chance, when I was searching for a sustainable yoga mat online. I loved the idea of using cork and once I saw the Encompass mat, I knew I needed to practice on it. I love how I don’t slip on the mat at all, and that it’s eco-friendly.

We asked: What style(s) of yoga do you teach? Practice?

Paige answered: When I teach yoga, I prefer to teach slow flows, yins and restorative classes. That’s what I started off practicing, and what I continue to practice. I also teach acro yoga classes and practice acro a few times per week!

We asked: What is your favorite Yoloha product and why?

Paige answered: My encompass mat is my favorite! I’ve had it for several years and it has held up better than I could have imagined. I’ve had so many great practices on that mat – I’ll keep it forever!

We asked: Other than yoga, what are your hobbies or favorite ways to spend your time?

Paige answered: Spending time with my daughter is my primary activity, but I also love swimming and macramé.

We asked: What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Paige answered: Headstand! This is my happy place. When I’m stressed, it’s so easy for me to just go upside down, at home, in the airport, in the park – literally anywhere. I love all the variations, there’s always something new to practice.

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