Aloha and welcome to the Yoloha family. We are honored you decided to visit us! Yoloha was created out of our family’s passion for yoga, surfing, sustainability, travel and the outdoors. Yoga + Aloha = Yoloha. Aloha is more than just a hello, its sending and receiving a positive energy. Aloha is living in harmony. When you live the Spirit of Aloha, you create positive feelings and thoughts, which are never gone. They exist in space, multiply and spread over to others. We love to spread Aloha everywhere we can and hope you will too.

Chris Willey

Chris worked as a graphic designer, photographer, web designer and part time surfboard builder before creating the cork yoga mat. He practices mostly Vinyasa and Baptiste flows. His favorite hobbies are surfing, paddle boarding, travel, hiking, acro yoga and of course having fun with his wife Peta and daughter Leah.

Cliff Willey at Yoloha Yoga


Cliff worked as an aerospace engineer before Yoloha creating satellites helping to uncover the secrets of the solar system. His vast knowledge of engineering and materials allows Yoloha to develop some of the most advanced yoga products on the market. His favorite hobbies are paddle surfing, paddle boarding, traveling, hiking, and fishing.

Julie Luisi

Before joining Yoloha, Julie worked as a visual merchandiser in corporate retail where she was able to develop a passion for creating beautiful spaces and excellent customer service. She began practicing yoga as a way to heal her body from her first true love of running. In the years since, Julie has developed a dedicated practice and has fallen in love with a good, sweaty Vinyasa flow. In her free time, Julie loves to practice yoga, surf, run and create art.

Christine Lentz at Yoloha Yoga

Christine Lentz

Yoga is my anchor. When the world is spinning around me or the waves are rough, I can come back to my mat and reconnect to the moment, to my body, to my breath and eventually find a sense of gratitude and connection. Everything else seems to fade into the background. Yoga, and all it’s wisdom allows me to remember who I am at my core, to come back to the present moment and to let go of all the “shoulds”.

Originally from Ohio, I moved to Charleston 5 years ago and absolutely love it! I have been a yoga student since 2005, and am still learning! Traveling the world with my love, cherishing a good glass of red wine, and taking a walk on the beach, are some of my favorite things.

Peta Nicola

Peta worked as a translater and assistant at a law firm before Yoloha. She spreads love and laughter to everyone she sees. She shares a strong passion for yoga, mindfluness and her home country of Peru. Her favorite hobbies include paddle boarding, acro yoga, travel and taking care of her daughter Leah.

Lisa Willey at Yoloha Yoga

LIsa Willey

Lisa works as a nurse at a family practice center and dedicates much of her spare time to Yoloha. She fosters a passion for healthy living and mindfulness which shapes the core of Yoloha’s beliefs. Lisa loves to experiment with essential oils and effective natural remedies for improved health. Her favorite hobbies include paddle boarding, traveling, hiking, yoga and reading.