Getting Your Chakras in Balance Doesn't Have to Be a Fairytale

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How to Balance Your ChakrasHow Chakras Effect Your Mind, Body and Spirit to Influence Positive Energy and Wellness. 

It's a new day! Time to ask your reflection the daily question: “Mirror Mirror on the wall. Who's the most balanced of them all?” Unfortunately not you, as of late. Hey, what happened to your aura of positivity and confidence? You used to whistle while your worked. You had a harmonious spirit and you were full of spunk and spark, but today your emotions are off kilter and it's starting to affect you physically. It's like you've bitten into a spellbound piece of fruit and it's allowed stress and anxiety to make you lose control and feel yucky. Hmph, Maybe your chakras are blocked. 


Perplexed? Well, there are seven chakras that are the centers in your body from which energy flows.  When a barrier forms between your mind and body, it can lead to physical illness. That may be why you feel so grumpy, sleepy, bashful, sneezy, dopey, not so happy and in need of a doc. You'll need to connect with these seven key points in the body to get your mojo back. But it's not so black and white.

At Yoloha Yoga, we'd like to be your Yoga Huntsman and direct you to a magical solution like the chakras yoga mat and yoga wheel to help you feel a wholeness once again. Let's face it, no royal hero is going to cure you with true love's kiss. Be your own champion and use these special tools to do yoga poses that specifically target areas of your body to get the energy flowing from all seven of the following chakras:


1. Base or Root Chakra (earth) –  Represents the feeling of being grounded. Do poses that focus on the base of the spine and tailbone area. You'll feel a better sense of financial independence. 
2. Sacral Chakra (water) – Helps us connect and accept others. Do poses that focus on the lower adbomen. You'll feel a sense of abundance, well being and physical pleasure. 
3. Solar Plexus Chakra (fire) – Boosts our confidence and helps us have more control. Do poses that focus on the stomach area around the navel. You'll have a higher sense of self worth. 
4. Heart Chakra (air) – Enhances our ability to love. Do poses that focus on the heart area. You'll be able to love, feel joy and experience inner peace. 
5. Throat Chakra (ether or space) – Improves our ability to communicate. Do poses that focus on the throat and neck area. You'll be able to express yourself and the truth more effectively. 
6. Third Eye Chakra (light) – Expands our perspective on seeing the big picture. Do poses that focus on the forehead between the eyes. You'll be intuitive, imaginative, wise and more adept at making decisions. 
7. Crown Chakra (cosmic energy) – This is the highest chakra and it allows us to be fully connected spiritually. Do poses that focus on the top of the head. You'll appreciate your inner beauty, outer beauty, spirituality and bliss.


It's finally happened, your chakras are in balance, your body has awakened and you're ready to defeat any foe, especially those sinister forces like tension and angst. You're no longer in danger. Yoga has saved the day and dwarfed any threats to your serenity and wellness. Now you're able to live happily ever after in your kingdom of healthy living.  


1 Comment(s)

22/04/2017, 04:52:08 PM

Great read!!! I felt more balanced by the end of it !

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