Tarnna Simpers was born in Hood River, Oregon and comes from a family of adventurers. Weekends were spent hiking or on the mountain that wanderlust spirit has continued in her life, taking her from Texas to Micronesia and back home. Her latest adventure being raising 2 badass baby girls with her rockstar partner. She began her journey to yoga in 2005 when she took a yoga class in college. This beginning led to more and more yoga and her 200RYT certification from Flow Yoga in Hood River Oregon. Being from Hood River & enjoying lots of outdoor activities yoga became more important as a source of balance and grounding. Focusing on gentle yoga  she shares with many people in the community. She also teaches Prenatal yoga workshops to emphasize the importance of grounding, releasing, and breath during pregnancy and beyond.

Tarnna is excited to work with Yoloha yoga because of the emphasis on sustainability & the sense of family & connectedness of the company. She looks forward to taking her mat on adventures & especially testing it out on her SUP where she spends much of her free time.


Check out her prenatal yoga blog here: mamayoginis