I have been practicing yoga since my 20’s. As a lifelong athlete and runner, yoga was a way to get a good stretch in on my off days from the gym. However, after the birth of my first daughter, Sloan, I struggled heavily with postpartum depression and anxiety. Pair that with an infant that never slept and cried constantly, I was in a very bad way.  In an effort to improve my mental headspace and get a mental break, I began attending yoga classes nearly daily. My teacher, Tina Lanzoni opened my eyes to yoga in a whole new way. 

I learned to breathe, like REALLY breathe.  

I learned to reflect, rather than react.

I learned to listen to my body in new ways 

and bonus, I found strength in my body like never before.  

Yoga was changing me and as I began to trust it’s process I was able to be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.  I decided within that year that I would move forward with my 200-hour Yin-Yang Teacher Training.

Since the completion of my training in 2015, I have been teaching at YogaVibez Studios in Edgewater, MD.  Teaching has brought on a whole new level of love to my practice. Watching a brand new student enter the studio for the first time, see them slowly evolve, have breakthroughs and see the joy yoga brings to them makes my heart so incredibly full.  

I believe in this practice. I believe it can change your life. I believe that if you trust the process, yoga can bring unimaginable love and light into your life.

I am also a Lifestyle Newborn and Birth Photographer. If I am not running around with my camera in hand or breaking a sweat at the studio, you can find me chasing my two wild ones, Sloan (6) and Gemma (2) and driving my super patient and loving husband absolutely mad.  I am passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle and eating clean to the best of my ability. I love sharing this passion with others and encouraging them to do the same.

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