I came to yoga without any understanding of what it actually was. I just wanted to stop being so stressed out all the time, maybe find a magic chant or something that would help me manage anxiety, depression, and general over-thinking. I found no magic chant (let me know if you have), but I did take home a lot of little teachings, like how to absorb the details of my experience to let it leave a lasting impression (and keep a light heart about it!) because nothing leaves you until it teaches you. I learned how to connect with my core values and respond to everything from the bottom of my heart, including myself. My practice, training, and teachings focus mostly on structural integration, movement efficiency, meditation and mindfulness. I own a yoga studio in Durham, NH, where I am absolutely blessed and so honored to share these practices. My mission as a teacher is to help students find their true north, their authentic self, because our fundamental nature is peaceful, loving, and wise, with excellent posture;) When we connect to that place within ourselves, we are more efficient, more at ease, and we can find more freedom in each moment.