yoloha yoga ambassador gonzalo

Hey! My name is Gonzalo Aguilera and I am a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor from Chile. When I started practicing Yoga I was not at the best moment of my life: some disappointments, many doubts, no motivation… But Yoga always comes at the right time. This is how in 2013 I started practicing with a friend who was coming from her teacher training in India and from the first class I fell in love with Yoga. I could understand the meaning of practice, I could feel the benefits, I could connect for the first time in many years with myself. I had finally found a great motivation in my life: self-knowledge.

From that moment I did not stop practicing. A year and a half later I was already starting my teacher training in Chile, I needed to learn more with the intention of being able to share my learning and my experience with the world. Every time I stand on my mat listening to my body or sharing my classes with people is a new learning. There are always new things to discover about ourselves and Yoga is the best tool for observing, recognizing, accepting and loving. Yoga really changed my life 🙂

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