Dan is a combat veteran, who retired in June 2017. He was wounded in 2003, and retrained into the IT field. Dan found yoga in 2010 after moving to Maryland, and soon fell in love with the practice when his physical body improved, the symptoms of his PTSD began to lessen, and his confidence and mindfulness increased.
Dan trains elite athletes and military, as well as volunteers his time to teach mindfulness and meditation to Wounded Warriors and anyone in his community. His passion is teaching yoga and metabolic conditioning; he is excited to show people how they can overcome emotional and mental barriers as well as physical ones. Dan created HopAsana as a way to bring more people to the mat who wouldn’t normally start a yoga practice. Teaching yoga in breweries makes yoga more accesible to a part of the population who may never find a class in a studio setting.
Also, for him, the yoga community has been just as therapeutic as the actual practice. He encourages participants to hang out after the class and socialize. Dan is also a teacher for http://vetoga.org a nonprofit organization that brings yoga, meditation, and other healing arts to veterans and their families; as well as trains veterans to become trauma sensitive yoga teachers.

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