Yoloha Yoga Ambassador Christine Lentz

Yoga first began for Christine as a way to help deal with overwhelming anxiety and a heavy sense of depression and anxiety. By practicing yoga, meditation, pranayama and mindfulness she was able to feel again. To work through her pain and confusion. To trust herself. To take the necessary steps forward to begin to care for herself. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

These practices helped her get off of medication. Yoga became her therapy. And was also the “gateway” into the healthy lifestyle she so craved, yet was scared to allow herself to experience. Yoga has opened up a whole new way of being. To start loving her body by eating healthier and mostly plant-based. It has allowed her to look fear in the face and try things she never thought possible. Like trying her first sprint triathlon, or hang-gliding in Switzerland, or hosting her first yoga retreats in Costa Rica and North Carolina.

You can find Christine at: Christine Lentz Yoga, @christinelentzyoga,