“Charlie is a lifelong athlete. He competed in many sports during his high school and college career. In 2007, with the encouragement of close friends, he came to yoga looking for an alternative way to stay healthy and to avoid abusing his body on a daily basis. He immediately noticed how the benefits of yoga affected his other athletic activities on and off the field of competition. Charlie became a dedicated practitioner in 2009 and in 2013 completed his teacher training with Kim Manfredi. While his training is rooted in the Hatha tradition, his classes are influenced by a variety of different yoga styles. His curiosity with the movement of the human body continues to drive him toward learning and sharing with his students. His classes are energetic, light-hearted, infused with upbeat music, and include lots of twists, inversions, and different balancing poses. Students are encouraged to take the competition out of their practice and focus on their yogic journey. Charlie hopes to share the many benefits he has experienced from practicing yoga and have his students leave his class feeling stronger, more energized, and more balanced.”