Featured Ambassador Jacquie White

“I came to yoga without any understanding of what it actually was.  just wanted to stop being so stressed out all the time, maybe find a magic chant or something that would help me manage anxiety, depression, and general over-thinking. I found no magic chant (let me know if you have), but I did take home a lot of little teachings, like how to absorb the details of my experience to let it leave a lasting impression (and keep a light heart about it!) because nothing leaves you until it teaches you. I learned how to connect with my core values and respond to everything from the bottom of my heart, including myself. My practice, training, and teachings focus mostly on structural integration, movement efficiency, meditation and mindfulness. I own a yoga studio in Durham, NH, where I am absolutely blessed and so honored to share these practices. My mission as a teacher is to help students find their true north, their authentic self, because our fundamental nature is peaceful, loving, and wise, with excellent posture;) When we connect to that place within ourselves, we are more efficient, more at ease, and we can find more freedom in each moment.””


We asked her to describe True North Mo(ve)ment.

She answered:

True North Movement is a yoga studio in Durham, New Hampshire. With a clear focus on spirituality and alignment, True North Yoga connects insights from generations of contemplative practice with functional movement and structural integration principles. Based on the belief that our fundamental nature is peaceful, loving, and wise, our mission is to help people get in touch with their internal compass, or find alignment with their true north. Remember your authentic self to allow more freedom in each moment and every movement.


We asked her what experience brought her to yoga.

She answered:

I’m honestly not even sure if I can put my finger on it. The three years before I took my first yoga class were kind of my lowest lows. I was living in a place of deeply rooted insecurity to the point of self-hate, and I think to some degree I’ve had anxiety and depression since I was little, but at that point it was manifesting in panic attacks and self-harm. That coping mechanism obviously wasn’t very sustainable, and eventually, something in me shifted so I could open my mind to trying something else. I don’t know exactly what changed, but I was suddenly willing to seek out a better way. So I came to yoga without any understanding of what it actually was, I just thought working out and meditation might be good things for me. After my first class, I was all in. I was going to class like 5x/week, I just needed someone to remind me to breathe and teach me to be mindful. When that studio announced a few months later they would be running a 200 Hour Teacher Training, I thought, “what the hell?” and decided to try it. Now, four years later, I’m a yoga teacher and a studio owner. My yoga practice has been a series of moments where I could choose to try something new and open my mind just a little bit… or not. Yoga has taught me to have true faith in myself and take the leaps as they come up. I’m still learning all the time.


We asked her what style(s) of yoga do you teach? Practice?

She answered:

I teach and practice vinyasa yoga, which is sort of an umbrella term, but my yoga is mostly focused on meditation and functional movement. It helps me to practice presence because the sequence of poses changes every time, so I don’t necessarily know where I’m going. I have no choice but to focus on one breath, one movement at a time. One foot in front of the other. That helps me to quiet my mind and sort out emotions a little bit so that I can practice stillness in meditation.


We asked: What is your favorite Yoloha product and why?

She answered:

I love my Nomad Cork Yoga Mat. It has great grip, and it’s actually kind of alarmingly lightweight considering it has such great support. It’s really comfortable and it looks beautiful against the cork floors at True North!


We asked: What do you like about Yoloha?

She answered:

One of my favorite humans introduced me to Yoloha, and my experience with them has always been really personal and genuine because this is a family-owned business that actually connects with their community. I appreciate the fact that they offer really high-quality, handmade products and they take the time to educate people about how to become more eco-friendly, from choosing a renewable resource for your yoga mat to small shifts you can make at home to save plastic. I’m really grateful to be part of this community!


We asked: What yoga certifications do you have?

She answered:

  • ERYT200 & RYT500
  • certified Balanced Athlete coach
  • certified Yin & Meditation teacher
  • certified Baller (teacher of ball rolling massage)
  • certified Reiki I Practitioner


We asked what kind of events and workshops she has coming up.

She answered:

I am leading a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at True North Movement September 2018-April 2019! This has been my dream for a long time. You can only teach so much information in an hour drop-in class, so I’m really excited to have 200 hours with my people to dive deeper into the teachings of this practice.


We asked her to talk about one connection she makes between her asana practice and her life off of her mat.

She answered:

Reflection is huge for me. The practice of getting to know myself and getting on my own side has become especially important over the last few months. Coming back again and again to self-study and union with self. Even in small ways, like noticing my reaction when plans change or something challenges me. Refining those responses to come directly from the bottom of my heart.


We asked: Other than yoga, what are your hobbies or favorite ways to spend your time?

She answered:

I love riding horses, spending time with my people and reading in the sun.


We asked: What is your favorite mantra?

She answered:

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (I had to choose that one, it’s tattooed on my ankle!)


What makes you laugh?

Seeing a deer and saying, “oh, dear.”


We asked: What is your favorite place that you have travelled and why?

She answered:

I went to Costa Rica with a one-way ticket and no real plans. I had a last-minute opportunity to volunteer as a yoga teacher at the Yoga Farm, which is way off the grid on the southern Pacific coast. To make a very long story short, my favorite moment was when I was sitting on a horse, under a tree with little white flowers and HUNDREDS of these Blue Morpho butterflies, overlooking the greens of the Costa Rican mountains and valleys and jungle plants and the deep, dark blue of el mar. I had never felt so peaceful, so at home, so completely liberated. Every time I look back on that I fall a little more in love with the Earth. It forever changed my relationship with my home, which is so powerful in the process of remembering who you truly are. Pura Vida!


We asked:Who is/was your ultimate teacher?

She answered:

I’ve had so many teachers of so many different things, best I can do is narrow it down to three. My grandfather taught me about loyalty, resilience, and light-heartedness, my horse trainer taught me about discipline, perseverance, and integrity, and my ultimate yoga teacher has and continues to teach me about service, courage, faith, and unconditional love.


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