Artist Feature: Jenn Griffith

Artist Feature: Jenn Griffith

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Meet Jenn Griffith, the artist behind our new Native Palms print, recently launched in our Yoloha x Nectar Sunglasses collaboration.

Jenn is a Charleston-based painter and muralist. Her love of the water and the outdoors heavily influences her paintings. Her original paintings are created on surfaces from canvas, to walls, to refurbished surfboards, which make for a completely unique piece of artwork. She aims for her paintings to reflect happiness and to bring joy into the space of the art collector.

We sat down with Jenn to discuss her artistic journey, inspirations, motivations and more. Here’s what she had to say:

When and where did your artistic journey begin?

Childhood! I am a visual learner, so I have always doodled in order to better understand or to visualize a concept. My profession as an artist began approx. 5 years ago, when I left a 9-5 job at a magazine with the hopes of “becoming my own boss.” A funny point of that departure was during my exit interview, when I was told that I sketched too much at my desk, rather than being “on task.” I still chuckle at that because it really cemented the reasons for which I wanted to start my own career.

What style of art do you stick to? 

I paint somewhere between realism and impressionism. I like to paint water because of its movement and to capture something fluid onto a static canvas. I also like to create moments that don’t exist in reality, such as blue palm trees or pink wildlife. It’s fun to create an altered reality. 

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Nature is my #1 inspiration; the ocean, flora, fauna. Sometimes, I am inspired by the creativity of other artists, such as Warhol’s use of color contrast or Yves Klein’s use of deep blue pigments. 

Who do you look up to in your industry? 

The street artist, Banksy, is extremely intriguing. His elusivity allows for his creativity to flow without a personal tie to the work, which I imagine is very freeing. I named my dog after him. I also love to watch the Brooklyn-based artist, CJ Hendry. She has really established herself as a female leader in the male-dominated scene of pop-culture art. 

What training/certifications do you have?

Most of my technique is self-taught; I did not attend school for art. Although, after University, I spent time in NYC, attending art assessment and management courses at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. 

How did you hear about Yoloha Yoga / Nectar and how do you identify with us? 

It was all very organic! I think like-minded people tend to find each other, and this story is no different. My love of surfing and the friendships made through that is what sparked my connection with the team at Nectar. It was a similar connection with Yoloha, where people that I knew in the community celebrated their own yoga practice, so it became a natural progression of collaboration.

What motivated you to create the Native Palms design?

We wanted to build a design that answered to all three of the brands involved: Yoloha Yoga, Nectar, and my art–  a design that was simple yet meaningful. Palm trees are wild– they can grow so tall and are insanely sturdy and beautiful. Kind of like people. Also, living at the beach always sparks my artistic inspiration, so the palm design was an easy choice. 

What role does yoga play in your life?

Yoga is daily! My mother was a yoga instructor throughout my childhood, so it has always been in my life. Now, even if it isn’t a full hour of movement on the mat, my biggest practice is breath control. Sometimes I even find myself aligning my breath with my paint strokes, if I’m in a particularly focused head space. 

What is a mantra that you live by?

“Watch for a stranger to soon become a friend.” I found this in a fortune cookie years ago, and it is still on my desk. Everyone in the world knows something that you don’t, and at the very least, might have a different perspective. Every interaction is an opportunity to learn, and possibly to make a friend.

Connect with Jenn for more / @jenn_griffith_ 

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