Original Cork Yoga Mat

Discover the world's first yoga mat to embrace a natural cork surface. Countless yogis have converted to cork for its persistent non-slip surface, even during the sweatiest hot yoga. Cork is also unsurpassed in sustainability and body-friendly properties. Unlike most synthetic materials used in yoga mats, cork is naturally antimicrobial and contains zero PVC’s or harmful chemicals. Purchasing a cork yoga mat helps protect the biodiversity of cork forests, as no trees are harmed in its production. Hand-made in the USA using 100% recyclable materials, our uniquely crafted mats are guaranteed to elevate your yoga experience. Click on the reviews tab to see what our customers are saying about the yoga mats that are transforming the way we practice.

Top side: Premium, 2mm thick raw cork padding designed for optimal grip.

Bottom side: Heavy-duty, zero-slip support layer contains approximately 90% domestically-produced recycled rubber tires.

Best For: Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Bikram

Density: Firm

Portability: Good

Specifications: 72" x 24”, 80" x 24” | 5mm thick | Starts at 6 lbs. | 5.5 in. diameter rolled

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About the Mat

  • Non-Slip Grip. Dry to heavy perspiration.
  • Amazing for hot yoga, no need for a towel.
  • Ready to go right out of the box, no break in period.
  • Backed with domestically made recycled tires. No rubber smell. 
  • Heavy duty construction lays flat, and will never slide.
  • High-density cushion provides a sturdy, grounded feel on any surface.
  • Anti-microbial, naturally killing bacteria, germs and smells.
  • Be kind to your body, no PVC's or harsh chemicals used.
  • Handmade locally in the USA.
  • Comes with a natural jute rope strap.


72" x 24" | 6mm thick | weight: 6 lbs.

80" x 24" | 6mm thick | weight: 7 lbs.*

Rolled Up Diameter: 5.5" - 7"

*Sizes may not be available on certain mats.


Grip Tip

The cork surface increases grip when wet. Use our Grip Spray or sprinkle water on your mat where your hand and feet go before practice for added traction.

Quite possibly the most eco-friendly yoga mat ever produced.

Our original yoga mat is made in the USA from sustainable cork and recycled rubber produced with a zero-waste process. All excess material is re-ground and turned into new products.


Cork used on the top comes from the outer bark of the Cork Oak Tree which grows in the Mediterranean area. These cork oak forests support one of the world's highest levels of forest biodiversity. Trees are not cut down to harvest cork, rather, the bark is harvested by hand every 9 years. Cork oak trees can live up to 300 years!


The bottom of our mat is made with recycled tires. Because tires are highly durable and non-biodegradable, they can consume valued space in landfills. In 1990, it was estimated that over 1 billion scrap tires were in stockpiles in the United States. As of 2015, only 67 million tires remain in stockpiles. We are proud to help contribute to reducing tires in our landfills.




Harvesting Cork

Yoloha Family Guarantee

Our mats are NOT stored in plastic wrap and rolled up for months. We leave our mats flat until the day they are ordered for two important reasons. Each mat is carefully inspected by hand to ensure the highest quality and the day you receive your mat it rolls out perfectly flat for your first practice. 


We are a small family business that firmly believes and stands by all of our handmade yoga products. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can return for a full refund or exchange within 60 days. No questions asked. Any issues beyond the 60 days whether its a year or 20 years from now we will work with you one on one to make sure the products you use are helping your practice.

- The Willey Family | Meet our team


Ecofriendly cork yoga mats stored flat

Never fold or crease your mat, roll it up loosely. To make the best; non-slip and healthiest surface to practice on in the world we use a raw cork surface. Over time light cracking will occur. This is strictly visual and does not affect the feel or durability of the mat.

Cleaning the top (cork side) of the mat is recommended once a week with normal practice. If used daily or for hot yoga clean the cork after every practice. This helps prevent body’s oils from building up and keeps the mat looking and smelling fresh. Spray the mat with Yoloha Detox Cleaning Spray or a natural yoga mat cleaner and allow to air dry with the mat laying out flat.

Original Cork Yoga Mat

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