Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner Refill
All Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner Refill
Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner Refill
All Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner Refill

Yoga Mat Cleaner Refill

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Scent Restore 16oz

Specifically formulated to clean, renew and extend the life of your cork yoga mat. Made with organic, therapeutic grade essential oils for a wonderfully scented and detoxifying spray. Body and mat safe for daily use. Comes in a conveniently sized, reusable 16oz. recyclable glass and natural cork label spray bottle.

Use: Recommended to spray your cork mat, hands, and/or props after each use. Wipe down and let dry.

Detox made with certified organic tea tree and lemon essential oils, filtered water and vinegar.

Restore made with certified organic eucalyptus and lavender essential oils, filtered water and witch hazel.

Extends the life of your cork yoga mat.

Removes body’s oils, which if built up over time can decrease grip.

Naturally disinfects, kills germs and removes dirt.

Durable glass bottle makes it easy to take your spray on the go.

Made in the USA.

100% vegan product.

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Use: Recommended to spray your cork mat, hands, and/or props after each use. Wipe down and let dry.

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We never use harmful chemicals in our cleaners, only purified water and organic essential oils. All our sprays are handmade in the USA and placed in heavy duty glass bottles to ensure your yoga gear is cleaned effectively, safely and naturally.

Customer Reviews

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Dante Driver
Detox and Restore are both great products!

I've been using Detox and Restore on my Yaloha Cork yoga mat and on my partner's traditional yoga mat for over a year. It's not cheap, but it keeps our mats from getting funky without the use of harsh chemicals (just essential lemon, tea tree, lavender, and eucalyptus oils). Detox and Restore both smell great, too.

Thanks for the great feedback, Dante!

Great cleaner!

The yoga mat cleaner works amazingly and has a great smell. Love it!

Andres W.
Once you go cork, you never go back…

I love this mat! I’ve been practicing yoga seriously for over twelve years and have tried them all. I used to use Manduka, and they are fine, but I wanted something that I could use for hot vinyasa yoga and HIIT workouts with kettlebells and dumbbells. This mat is everything I want! It has great grip even without a yogitoes on top of it, and it hasn’t started to smell yet despite the fact that I am a super sweater. My only issue is that I have tried other cleaning products and they don’t work so well; you really need the cork-specific blend from the company, which gets a bit pricey. Also, it takes significantly longer than a Manduka to dry (think overnight rather than a couple of hours). Still, I can’t overemphasize the way that my practice has transformed from using such a grippy mat. And is very light and easy to transport. I hope 🤞🏽 it lasts, but love this mat so much!!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Andres! Any all natural cleaner should work well on our mats. Feel free to email us at for more information.

Martha Whalley
Yoga Matt cleaner

I love this cleaner. It smells nice and fresh. It also cleans great. I highly recommend it!

Thanks for the awesome feedback, Martha! Enjoy your spray :)

Greg Porray
Easy cleaning

I love the refill option, though the bottle is beautiful and I hesitate to recycle it! Ha! I love the idea of reducing waste through a refill. I’d be happy with just an easily recyclable package with same volume.

Thanks for the awesome feedback, Greg! We are always looking to innovate our products and will definitely keep this idea in mind :)