Chakras Unity Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Unity Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Unity Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Unity Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Unity Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Unity Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Unity Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Unity Cork Yoga Mat
Chakras Unity Cork Yoga Mat

Chakras Unity Cork Yoga Mat

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Size 72" x 26"

The Unity was created to withstand intense sweating and vigorous practices. Our unique blend of natural cork and recycled rubber provides serious grip performance dry or wet, optimum durability and low environmental impact. At 6.5mm thick, the Unity will support you in any practice from a high intensity workout to a gentle flow. Hand crafted responsibly with 100% USA made materials and manufacturing. Discover the no slip experience and focus on one thing, your practice.

6.5mm thick | 6 lbs. | 5" rolled

Non-slip dry to heavy perspiration. No towel needed.

Build extra rugged. Designed to handle weights.

Always lays flat, will never slide or bunch up.

Easy to care for and keep clean.

No PVC’s, latex and plasticizers.

100% vegan product.

USA made materials and manufacturing.

Free shipping on USA orders over $75, and our 60 days, no questions asked return policy. Free USA returns.

Lightly spray with Yoloha mat cleaner or natural cleaner after use and lay flat to dry.
Grip Tip: Cork increases grip when wet. Use our grip spray or sprinkle water on your mat where your hands and feet go before practice for extra traction.

Performance Done Naturally

Extra thick recycled cork and rubber surface is designed to perform and last in any condition. Feel grounded and confident in any workout.

Cushioned Support

Our signature USA made foam is optimized for cushion, stability and energy return. Unique texture grips to any surface.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Beautiful mat. Wish the grip was better

I've had this mat for about a year now. I love the size ( I got a longer version since I'm on the taller side). It's very aesthetically pleasing, I enjoy the thickness, and LOVE that it's environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, the grip isn't great. I find myself frequently sliding in my poses and having to readjust. Based on the marketing and other reviews, I was hoping for a grip that I wouldn't have to worry about so I could focus more on the poses. It says if you get the mat wet, that helps with grip, but I just don't feel like getting wet while I'm doing yoga. Hopefully they can find a way to improve the grip.

Colin D
The best yoga mat on the market

I previously owned the first generation version of this mat and it was great, but a little too thin and hard on my wrists (I spend a lot of time in handstands), and the cork started chipping after 6 months. I also owned the original cork mat and the nomad mat - these were nice on my wrists, but over time got too slippery and did chip after 4-6 months. I also owned a polyurethane lifeform mat and it was like practicing on the floor and a giant sponge that would take 24 hours to dry after practice.
The unity mat is nice and thick and cushioned, it doesn't soak sweat like the polyurethane mats, it is completely non-slip even soaking wet, and I've owned it for a year now with daily to twice daily hard, sweaty practices and the cork still hasn't chipped at all. It's about as close as you can get to a perfect mat - a little heavier than the other yoloha mats due to the thicker top layer, but still lighter than a manduka or many others. The only draw back is I had to adjust my practice in places where I roll over my toes or drag across the may, because it is a bit of a rougher surface, but the benefits of the surface really outweigh the drawbacks. When I wear this one out I will buy another one.

Makes me feel comfy and isolated in a packed class

The bigger size is definitely the move. Having the space in front and behind is something I wish I had been practicing with for a while. It makes a great meditation mat too :,)

Julia Thomas
Chakras Unity Cork Mat

I love this mat. It’s thick and got good grip.

I had the Chakras Native Cork mat before, which looks darker to me (could be sweat?), and which I really liked. It did develop a hole eventually, right around my root and swadhisthana chakras, but I’m busy reconnecting to my own legs so that could be energy-indicative, too. In other words, I’m hard on my legs and feet. Hence the hole.

I digress.

So that being said. I like this Unity mat. It looks like the Native Cork isn’t available anymore.

The Unity mat is more expensive. About $20-$30 more or so. For a mat that is just the same but a little lighter in cork color, I don’t get it? But the cost of everything goes up, especially during this pandemic time when it’s difficult to keep factories and workplaces staffed and functioning what with quarantines and sick workers and so on. So—I guess I get why it’s more expensive.

Is this Unity mat a rebranded Native Cork? I’m not sure…

But this is a great, long-lasting mat with beautiful color print symbols of the chakras. Natural fibers, which I love. Not slippery when wet, which is fabulous. It’s a heavy mat but we’re not doing too much traveling right now anyway.

Thank you, Yoloha. ✌️💚🧘‍♀️


I still have NOT received that unity mat??????

I’d really like get the ex-lg unity instead with the extra width. Is there anyway for you to put the chakra design on the x-l mat?

Thanks again
Please advise on the tracking info it’s been quite a while since I ordered that mat.