Overcoming Intimidation: Get out of your head and into your practice.

Working up the nerve to attend your first yoga class? You’re not alone. It’s easy to feel intimidated when stepping into the yoga space for the first time (or first few times). We tend to assume that yogis were born doing headstands, unlocking their innate flexibility and inner peace from an early age. However, this […]

Inspire Your Home Practice: How to Stay Motivated

Anyone else feeling blue from all the empty yoga studios? This pandemic has been a trying time for all, including the yoga and fitness space. Some studios have regrettably shut down, others have opened with limited classes and social distancing. Most studios, however, have transitioned to virtual yoga classes. This is an excellent solution to […]

Handstand Drills using a Yoga Wheel & Blocks

Want to stand on your hands? Our cork yoga wheels and blocks can help you get there. In this blog, handstand coach Dakota of Mays Yoga has put together 4 specific drills designed to strengthen the muscles needed for handstands. Pike Pulsations Start by placing the wheel on the floor in between your feet. Bring your toes onto the wheel and bring your hips […]

Breathe In , Breathe Out : How Yoga Helps

Breathe in, breathe out. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Intuitive, right? Not necessarily. Do you find yourself holding your breath? Perhaps you are anticipating the next big change as you navigate our new, pandemic-ridden world.  I’ve been an off-the-mat/on-the-mat kind of gal. When Quarantine hit, I needed some solo, body-moving and soul-nourishing time and I jumped right back […]

How to Create a Powerful Yoga Experience at Home

how to create a powerful yoga experience at home - yoloha life blog

First and foremost, the Yoloha Yoga Family wants to take a moment and acknowledge you. You, the individual who is staying at home for the benefit of others. You, the person who is scared, anxious, messy, and riding a rollercoaster of emotions. You, the unique manifestation of energy, the highest self, that is capable of […]