Earth Advocate Yogis

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The positive effects of yoga extends far beyond the physical practice creating a ripple effect on one’s perspective and lifestyle choices. By tuning into ourselves, we ultimately tune into the world around us. It is only natural that Yogis feel called to take action in support of humanitarian, animal and, or environmental issues.  We are […]

5 Simple Solutions to Reduce Single Use Plastic

5 simple solutions to reduce single use plastic

With the ice caps melting, our toxic water and air, diminishing resources, and that 270,000 square mile patch of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it can be difficult to know how to even begin to make a change. This is not just another doomsday article scaring you into feeling guilty and helpless. […]

10 Surprising Myths and Facts about Cork

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Why We Love Cork Earth Day is about more than planting trees, although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. To us, it’s about recognizing and celebrating the flow of natural and human energy that generates the change of today and the creates the world of tomorrow. We see our mats as a physical representation of […]