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Back Bending – The Key to an Open Heart

Back Bending The Key to an Open Heart

The reason we create unconventional shapes with our bodies in yoga is to get us out of physical and mental patterns. Back bending counters almost everything that we do throughout our day. Writing, reading, typing, cooking, driving, eating, building, creating art, and even most sleeping positions require us to hunch forward a little bit, causing […]

A Ganesh Refresh to Inspire Your Life and Practice

A Ganesh refresh to Inspire your life and practice: As practitioners of yoga we are faced with obstacles daily on our mats. Through our asana practice we learn alignment, cell memory, breathwork, and meditation to help us break through these obstacles. The image of Ganesh helps us to remember what he stands for: Learning, Persevering, […]

10 Surprising Myths and Facts about Cork

facts about cork

Why We Love Cork Earth Day is about more than planting trees, although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. To us, it’s about recognizing and celebrating the flow of natural and human energy that generates the change of today and the creates the world of tomorrow. We see our mats as a physical representation of […]