Overcoming Intimidation: Get out of your head and into your practice.

Working up the nerve to attend your first yoga class? You’re not alone. It’s easy to feel intimidated when stepping into the yoga space for the first time (or first few times). We tend to assume that yogis were born doing headstands, unlocking their innate flexibility and inner peace from an early age. However, this […]

Bullet Journaling: Finding Peace in Chaotic Times

I first heard about bullet journaling on Pinterest. I was looking for a way to organize my life – remember meetings, complete my to-do’s, and be productive. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen like that. The bullet journals I saw on Pinterest required a lot of set-up and I became overwhelmed quickly. I tried twice before finally […]

Staying Healthy in Hard Times: Self-Accountability and Grace

I want to be the type of person who never misses a workout, always prepares healthy meals, gets outside activity in each day, and doesn’t have a wandering mind during mindfulness practice.  Sometimes my life looks something like that, but sometimes I’m living in the midst of a global pandemic. Or health problems. Or family […]

Yogis Sleep Better, Science Tell Us So

Yogis sleep better blog post

Does this sound familiar? You’re exhausted. I mean, really tired. All day you’re trudging through. Cup of coffee here, handful of chocolate there. Trying to get by until that blissful moment when you get to slip into your beautiful bed once again. It finally comes and … nothing. You’re wide awake. No sleep. No relief. […]

Why doing down dog with other people matters.

down dog yoga community

Here’s what I know to be true about myself that I’m willing to bet is true about you: I will stop exercising before I’ve reached my potential … if I’m alone. Solo at a gym? I manage 12 squats. Being led by a studio instructor with others surrounding me? Magically, I’m up to 30 and […]

10 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga That Will Make You Love Pregnancy

10 benefits of prenatal yoga

Imagine having a tool that empowers you during pregnancy, lifts you up with freakishly abundant stamina, and attunes your energy to the growing life inside of you. And this tool can be used anytime, anywhere. Would you use it? Of course you would! And luckily, you totally can. Prenatal yoga is a powerful tool in […]

Find Your Balance on the Equinox

The Autumn Equinox occurs this year on September 22nd, and it marks the first day of fall in the northern hemisphere from an astrological standpoint. The term equinox is derived from the latin words “aequus” and “nox” which mean equal and night. On the equinox, day and night are closest to equal in length. This […]