Take a Second to Breathe: Relieving Stress in a Healthy Way

As national stress awareness month comes to an end, we would like to share some simple and healthy stress reduction methods to take with you throughout the rest of the year. Chronic stress can affect our well-being more than we realize, causing negative consequences in both our mental and physical health. Therefore, it is important […]

Overcoming Intimidation: Get out of your head and into your practice.

Working up the nerve to attend your first yoga class? You’re not alone. It’s easy to feel intimidated when stepping into the yoga space for the first time (or first few times). We tend to assume that yogis were born doing headstands, unlocking their innate flexibility and inner peace from an early age. However, this […]

Sarah Jones Ambassador Feature

Yoloha Ambassador Sarah Jones

Meet Sarah Jones, one of our core ambassadors here at Yoloha. Sarah began her yoga journey back in 2006. What started as a heavy, anything-but-flexible method for dealing with stress and anxiety during college, soon became a graceful, go-with-the-flow way of life. With a strong focus on the fundamentals, Baptiste Power Vinyasa at her foundation, […]

Artist Feature: Jenn Griffith

Meet Jenn Griffith, the artist behind our new Native Palms print, recently launched in our Yoloha x Nectar Sunglasses collaboration. Jenn is a Charleston-based painter and muralist. Her love of the water and the outdoors heavily influences her paintings. Her original paintings are created on surfaces from canvas, to walls, to refurbished surfboards, which make […]

Inspire Your Home Practice: How to Stay Motivated

Anyone else feeling blue from all the empty yoga studios? This pandemic has been a trying time for all, including the yoga and fitness space. Some studios have regrettably shut down, others have opened with limited classes and social distancing. Most studios, however, have transitioned to virtual yoga classes. This is an excellent solution to […]

5 Things to Remember When Taking the Leap

Considering starting a business in a pandemic? Here are the top 5 things to remember when taking the leap. This year the entire world has turned upside down, including our work life. We all are too familiar with virtual meetings. Yoga teachers have adapted to teaching their classes on zoom. Fitness professionals have stepped outside […]