1st place $1000 |  2nd place $500 |  3rd place $250

All 3 winners receive a cork yoga mat with their design and will be featured on Yoloha with artist credits and info.

Prize winners also receive

Yoga Apparel

Eco-friendly beach towels

Delmarva sunglasses

Honua Ritual Facial Set

Annual Membership


One artist 17 and under will win a yoga mat with their design and featured at Yoloha with artist credits and info.
Plus $1000 of cork yoga mats will be donated to the youth yoga program of their choice.


Yoloha will accept submissions until May 14th, 2021.

Artists can submit more than 1 design.

Shortly after May 14th, Yoloha will release all artworks for a 2 week long public vote.

Top 3 designs for participants 18+ in age and Top 1 for ages 17 and under will win!

how to participate

  • Download design templates below. 
  • Submit your design(s) to [email protected] on or before May 14th 2021.
  • Please include your name, age, and title of your design in the email.
  • Acceptable files include: .jpg, .pdf, .tiff, .eps, .ai, and .psd
  • If scanning your artwork, please scan at 300dpi. File size measures 12″ x 4.33
  • Preferred color format is CMYK.
  • Sometimes less is more! Designs with heavy full color coverage over the entire mat decrease grip performance and is not recommended. View our artist collection designs for examples on color coverage.
  • Questions? Email us: [email protected]
Download template

Contest rules

  • Open to all countries and ages.
  • Contest open to 18+. Kids contest participants must be 17 or under.
  • Designs must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST on May 14th 2021.
  • Yoloha agrees not to use or alter any submitted artwork without artists permission.
  • Questions? Email us: [email protected]


MEET THE 2020 winning ARTISTS

Zak Korvin
1st Place Winner

Zak Korvin is an English artist creating hand-drawn art, filled with sacred geometry, to raise consciousness and explore the realms that can only be seen by those who seek.
Zak discovered sacred geometry whilst on a sort of vision quest in the Peruvian Amazon in 2014. Ever since, he has had an unexplainable fascination with it and tries to incorporate it into all of his work in some way or another.

Moises Gomez
2nd Place Winner

Moises comes from Guadalajara, Mex. He studies Geology and in his spare time and likes to draw to relax. When you are doing yoga or drawing, you really need to focus on what you are doing.


Eleonora Tomassi
3rd Place Winner

Eleonora was born and raised in the heart of Rome, Italy, but she has been living overseas for the past 8 years between UK, South East Asia and she is currently based in Melbourne. After graduating in Communication, Anthropology and Literature she moved to London where she took a Diploma in Photography and started her career as a Fine Art and Portrait photographer. She defines herself more of an artist, than just a photographer as her creative way of living manifests through various forms of art like painting, pottery and cooking. Along with creativity, yoga plays a big part in her life. Her holistic approach to life over the last year made Eleonora look at yoga not just as a practice but a way of living.

Josepha yoloha artist

Kids winner

My name is Josefa, born in a beautiful area of Bavaria in Germany. My hobbies are gymnastics, swimming and being creative, for example drawing and designing something. In the future I would like to be a graphic designer. While growing up, I was influenced by yoga because my mother is a well known yoga teacher. The inspiration of this design was during my last summer holiday in 2019 where every day we had such an incredible sunset on the beach and the elephant symbolizes the force and energy which I connected with yoga.

Elephant Sunrise Natural Kids Cork Yoga Mat

Elephant Sunrise Kids Cork Yoga Mat